Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

I am super excited to launch my very first blog and very first post! Especially one that might just be therapy for me as I learned to juggle all these new hats I have. I might just need some therapy…but I promise it will all be of the positive persuasion. No stink’n think’n here!

As I say in my “about” page, I am recently married to my silly other half, Joe, and at the same time became “mom” to his then 14 year old son, Andrew. (Actually, I had already fallen in love with Andrew prior but I officially became “mom” this last October. In fact, I felt so strongly about the role I was taking on that I presented him with a cross at our ceremony to honor and symbolize the commitment I was making to help Joe raise him and to be his “mom”.) A short five months later, we went into escrow for our first home and two months after that we began the clean up and fix up to move in.

To say it has been insane over the last several months is an understatement and I can imagine there are many many many many more insane days, months and years to come. The lessons have already started. Here are a few I have learned so far…

Lesson 1: When Buying a Home, Remember the Details

There is so much going on during the process that its easy to get caught up in the pretty and the excitement. But buying a home is so much more than that.

Lesson 2: Moving…More than One Way

During this process of moving, I have discovered between my husband and I there are two distinct approaches. I wouldn’t say one is right or wrong…but I would say one is less chaotic.

Lesson 3: One plus One Doesn’t Always Equal Two…Sometimes Just a Headache

There are two people in a marriage (three if you add a teenager) and what may have seemed like a meeting of minds doesn’t always mean what you think it means to the other person.

Lesson 4: Teenagers…Enough Said

I was always prepared by friends for a teenage girl (well, at least I think I knew what to expect) but no one told me much about teenage boys…oh boy!

This week I am going to tackle Lesson 1.

Until next post.

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