Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Let me again start of by saying I don’t think that my husband’s way was wrong…for me it was just chaotic. I’m a little bit…okay a lot bit…in need of structure and organization and planning. Here was my plan and how next move, I will approach it. 
Once everything in our new place was cleaned and we were ready to start the move in process, I would have first accessed what rooms can come over to the new house first and what rooms need to be last. Second, at our old place, I would have attached each room based on that list. I would have systematically packed up all the items in each room. I had a plan to not only label the boxes with the room name but generally what was in each and I planned to number them 1 of… so I knew how many boxes for each room. Additionally, I was planning on making an itemized list of what was in each box for important rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. The last thing you want to do is have a massive headache from moving but the Tylenol is still packed and you haven’t a clue where. 
The next part would be to hire a mover and I highly recommend including this in your budget for buying a home. I think this is important as its one trip and they do the heavy lifting with the right equipment so your husband or brother in law doesn’t hurt his back. They can also move each box in to its proper room. Then I would have unpacked room by room versus having my living room as the just set it down and we will get to it someday soon to unpack.  But I by no means think my way is perfect. It has its pluses and minuses too.
1. Organized. My approach is definitely organized. By being organized, it allows for unpacking to be structured and definitely less haphazard. 
2. Calm. Because there is a plan, there is no chaos and no need for panicking. The schedule of this room first, then this one allows for you to focus on one room at  a time and then when done, to move on to the next.
3. It can be better for your health. In my case, I did not do well with respect to my husband’s approach which left me extremely stressed but had we hired someone as suggested in my plan, then my stress would have been less.
4. Time. The unpacking gets done faster as there is no hunt and find for boxes and no question of what’s where. Everything is in the room and labeled so there are no mistakes.
1. Time. Yep a plus and a minus. My approach does require you to take the time on the front in but I have always held true to the adage, “one hour of planning save ten hours of doing.” 
2. More money. Hiring movers does cost and doing it yourself my save you moving costs.
Hope this helps as you start planning your move. In the future I will post “My Moving Planner”, perhaps as a freebie. See you next post.

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