Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

When I was growing up, I was raised by two really good cooks, both trained in one way or another. My mom is a self diagnosed kitchen snob and she raised me with a healthy appreciation for kitchens. She is even training now in gourmet cooking and her kitchen guru status has grown even more. Anything I want to know about the latest appliance or gadget for the kitchen or which brand is better for what appliance, she is definitely the one who is my go to person!  When we looked for our home 15 plus years ago, no kitchen met her standards so we remodeled. When my husband went house hunting, there were very few kitchens we saw that would meet my standard for look, functionality and organization. So when we bought our home we already knew a major remodel would definitely be in my future.

Someday Dream Kitchen Inspiration by my favorite designer Sarah Richardson and her Sidekick Assistant Tommy

Someday Dream Kitchen Inspiration by my favorite designer Sarah Richardson and her Sidekick Assistant Tommy from Sarah’s House 4

A major remodel costs lots of dough…only if I could use real bread making dough instead of cash…oh well one can dream. My husband has promised me my dream model and oh I am super excited for it some day…blue pearl granite and Carrera marble counters, shaker cabinets, polished nickel hardware, reworked functionality, new appliances like an induction cooktop, convection oven and more. But that kitchen is a little ways away and the state of the kitchen in the house we bought demanded something be done now and cleaning wasn’t enough…those cabinets needed sealing baby!!!!
So I assessed, developed a plan, developed a schematic and budget and went to work on my “Temporary Dream Kitchen”. While not my dream kitchen, I think it came out beautiful and I am happy with it for now. And that brings me to my new series…
Over the next several posts, I will be covering all my DIY (truly some do qualify for Doing the Insane) of my kitchen from the design, to cabinets, lighting, installation of appliances, and more. I hope it is informative and inspires you tackle your own ugly area of your home. See you next post!

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