Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

I was going to write today on our entertainment cabinet for our family room as a part of my series on Family Room Redo and I will next post. But something occurred this evening that had me in silent stitches and I felt compelled to share.

First to prefaces my story, I should share that my son made the Junior Varsity Basketball Team at his high school. I am really, really, really proud of him. He had tried out last year. Unfortunately and despite the other team members and his dismay, he did not make last year’s freshmen team. He had been really bummed but with some encouragement on his dad’s and my part he approached the coach and asked what he could do to improve for the following year’s team. With some…ok a lot of moaning and groaning that seems to come with teenagers, he worked hard on what his coach suggested. And it paid off with his making the team this year. And tonight he scored his first 3 point shot of the season. I really could not be more proud of his determination and him.

However, this fun filled evening of watching my son’s basketball scrimmage and subsequent basketball shoe shopping experience led to a splurge sock purchase that spawned a rather interesting and amusing debate between my husband and son. The debate was on the merits and superiority of Dri Air Socks versus that of other thick socks appropriate for basketball. This debate started with how much more efficient it was that Dri Air socks labeled their socks Left and Right, to which in amusement and sarcasm I stated to my son, “Ah, you can’t tell a difference between your left and right sock?” He replied, seriously, “There’s a difference?” Now mind you he was the one asserting that the fact they were labeled made the superior.

An amusing mix of banter and bickering started between my husband and son as not only their merits were debated but also the finer points to the art of removing the tag and wrapping from them and the vital importance of not snagging threads as asserted by my husband and the frustration of the sticky wrapper that removed the cotton as asserted by my son. This progressed into my husband giving my son a hard time about not being able to remove the tag only for him to have equal difficulty. Patience is not a strength of mine by far and my internal laughter grew when the boys gave up and handed the socks to me to get the infernal tag out of the sock.

However, when the debate moved to the importance of how the sock is folded so that the fold ran along the sides of the foot and not the tops and the bottoms of your feet, I burst out in laughter. A serious debate was being had over how the socks had been packaged and how the Dri Air folded them so they were ready for your feet, no fold on the top and bottom. This was followed by, I kid you not, my husband folding our almost 16 year old’s socks so they were side folded and flat and ready for his foot.

Who is he kidding here? A sock is a sock is a sock. They go on your feet, they keep them warm and when dirty and smelly they get washed losing any shape you or the manufacture had folded into them. They come in long or short, thick or thin, white or colors, seamed or seamless. It’s a sock!

So this begs me to ask you, my readers, can you relate? Does your family have silly debates over things like socks? Or am I alone in the world of weird and amusing?

By the way, my favorite line this evening was hearing my son state in true sincerity and seriousness, “And that’s why I shop at Ross.” Hello, any ad execs out there, he is ready and a true lover of Ross. He’s perfect for your “And that’s why I shop at Ross” commercials I’ve been seeing.

One Response to The Essentials of an Important Debate on Socks: Another Entertaining Element of Living with my Husband and Teenage Son

  • In defense of your son, I remember a three year old little girl who had to have her socks on her feet so that the toe seam and fold were absolutely lined on her feet just right or she refused to wear them. Of course, she was three, not sixteen, lol.

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