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Okay so after almost 14 years with Mary Kay I have discovered that while no two consultants are alike, they do share some common traits. Some of which are they either love make-up and skin care, they love girlie stuff, and/or they love helping people. I happen to be all three! From as young as four years old, I can say I have LOVED make-up and I have the pictures to prove it…caught playing in my aunt’s lipstick collection early on. My skills have improved since then. However, I do LOVE make-up and the use of it and its effect on our psyche have always fascinated me. I mean, really, it is for many of us linked to our self-confidence and determination. Its not the root or cause of either but it is kind of like “battle armor” for a very bad comparison. One woman even wore red lipstick to her mastectomy. Lipstick does have magic powers. Over almost 14 years of working with thousands and thousands of woman, that is one thing I can say with absolute confidence.

So it is easy to see, I think it is anyways, why I would include the lumped category of beauty in my New Year, New You series. Probably one of the fast and easiest way to refresh for the new year is with a slight tweak to your look. And I will get to some easy ways to do it in just a minute BUT beauty starts skin deep. I have always said “beauty” is like baking a cake. Make-up is like the icing. It’s what decides what the cake is…birthday cake, wedding, just because or, in terms of make-up, evening look, professional work look, on the go look, etc. But if the cake is too dry, too oily, too cracked and crumbly, ain’t no matter what the icing is or how well it is applied, its just not going to look as good as a properly baked cake. In terms of “beauty” this means healthy, soft, radiant skin.

I always suggest start with the easy and expand if you need to do so in to more targeted solutions.


So this may be a duh kind of tip but I have found that most women do not drink enough water. Our bodies are over 95% water. If you are not getting enough water, then the first two places it shows up are in your skin AND in your appetite. Hunger and thirst give out the same signals from the body to indicate you are thirsty or hungry. For your skin, when we don’t hydrate enough it can show up in dry skin as well as more fine lines and wrinkles and believe it or not on occasion acne. So try to down at least 8 to 10 8 ounce glass of water a day if you fit the average 150lb person. However, always let thirst be your guide. If you get a sensation similar to hungry, sip a glass of water first to see if that is what you are really wanting.

Healthy Diet

There is a correlation between your diet and your skin. Diets that lacks essential vitamins and minerals result in dull, lack luster skin. However, diets high in essential nutrients work to balance your body and that is reflected in your skin. I am no nutritionist, however, I have come to realize that no two people are a like and no two people’s “diet” is the same. Everyone has to find what works best for their body. That said, I can almost guarantee that a healthy diet that supports healthy skin is going to be composed of some or all of the following – fresh fruits and vegetables, whole and/or unrefined grains, lean and/or unprocessed meats, foods high in omega 3, and limited processed and refined carbs such as white sugar, white rice and bread. And I can almost also guarantee that they do not consist of fast foods, high sugar products like ice cream, soda, etc.

The Essentials of Skin Care

While I admit that I love Mary Kay’s skin care and its variety of options to work with almost everyone’s needs and skin type, I will be the first to admit, just as with diet, there is no panacea of skin care. Everyone needs to find what works best with their skin. That said, everyone should have skin care products that meet the basic essentials for maintaining healthy skin. A good system should include products that in single individual products or in multitasking products complete the following – cleanse, exfoliate, freshen (or tone), moisturize and protect from sun and environmental damage. So if you are not already using products that complete these 5, that would be a great start to your New Year, New You. Besides, there is no better change that you can make than to have radiant skin.

New Year New You Skin Care Update www.wifemomhouseohmy.com


As I said, no two people are alike when it comes to skin care. Sometimes it takes specialized products to meet our skin’s individual needs. For example, I am no longer under 26 so I know that it was time to add an eye cream to fight the lines that show up. I also had extensive moderate acne scarring along my chin, jaw and cheek area so I opted to add a microdermabrasion to my skin care to smooth out my skin. So perhaps, this year your small tweak will be finding a specialty item to fight your “ugh” area.

Once your skin is healthy and in check, its time for the fun. Tweaking your “look” for the new year.

The Obvious…Pick a Completely New Look

Trade in your old compact of colors for a new one each year or every other or every three years, depending on your preference but make-up should be replace at the very latest, every three years. Sooner for some items like mascara. There are easy ways to do this. Beauty magazines always have looks to try. Copy it exactly with the products they used or mimic it with similar colors in your favorite brand. Again, I admit I am biased but I love Mary Kay’s two easy tricks to trying a new look. The first is our Mary Kay make-up artist looks (screen shot below) that allow you to pick looks that have been customized by top make-up artists based on the current trends in the market. Plus the How-To-Apply instructions are right there. Another is the Virtual Makeover which can either be accessed on a consultant’s personal website or you can download the app off the App Store or Google Play Store. There also multiple versions of this type of application available through tones of retailers, websites and more. The cool thing about this type of tool is that it lets you upload your picture and try a variety of looks.

New Year New You Beauty www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Mary Kay Make-Up Artist Screen Shot from my personal Mary Kay Website

Seeing Red…Pick a New Shade

Of lipstick that is. One of the biggest impact in our beauty routine is picking a new shade of lipstick or gloss or tint. Going from a berry to a tawny is great example of making a small change the truly completely changes the look. Or if you happen to only wear a gloss, try layering it with a lipstick. Or if you always have a matte finish, try a pearl (hint of shimmer) lip color.

New Year New You Beauty Update www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

If two is nice, try three or four or more.

A lot of women only use two eye shadows and get stuck using those same colors over and over again. The challenge is you can only do so much with two colors. But if you have a select core of three to six colors – one to two highlight colors, one to two mid-tone colors and two to three accent shades, that work for you, the eye look possibilities are endless. With these numeric color combination you should be able to vary your eye look not only based on the new year but also seasons AND types of looks from natural day to glamour evening and everything in between.

Did Anyone Say Trendy?

These days you can’t pick up a fashion magazine without knowing what trends are in season right now. Mary Kay publishes a Trend Report every fall and spring and their limited edition collections launched each quarter reflect the right now trends. This is true of most beauty brands. So why not pick up one trendy item for fall and spring such as the hot new nail color or chic new lip shade.

Speaking of Trends, Make Sure Your Technique is Now

There is nothing that dates us faster than old colors except old techniques. Let’s set the record straight. If you are still applying your make-up the same way you did 15 to 20 years ago, you are definitely behind the time. Technique in beauty application changes just as fashion trends change. Application styles are marked by decades too. So if you are still opting for heavy foundation that looks a shade dark or light and so it is one color (not tone) or you are still using black eyeliner during the day drawn around your whole eye, then odds are you learned to do your make-up in the 90s. If this is you, updating your technique to a modern method will not only give you an awesome new you for the year but it will make you look younger too.

Again, I love Cara’s Maskcara Blog. She is an extremely talented make-up artist. And with respect to modern technique I want to dissect for you the photo below found on her site. The first and most obvious to me is the foundation color. Not only is it one solid mask of color, its not her color and its orange. A lot of women were taught to go a shade darker to get a more tanned look. Instead, pick a shade of foundation that not only matches your skin in color but in tone too. FYI – Ivory skin women have about 11 shades within their skin variations while bronze has about 40-60 with beige falling between those two ranges. Finding a shade that matches is important or you could look like you are wearing a mask.

The second modern technique used is her use of highlighter on the places we get “kissed” by the sun. This lightens areas where light hits and allows a more natural look. Third, are the missing eyebrows coupled with the extremely dark black and harsh lines surrounding her eyes. The lack of eyebrows makes her eye liner that harsher. Notice how once they are shaped and filled in the eyes actually pop more. Eyeliner should almost always be smudges as not to appear harsh and therefore dated. During the day opt for another color besides black. If you are stuck on black, try a dark gray instead. And for goodness sake, ease up on the application!

Lastly, put on some color. Not only is there color in her cheeks (yes, most women NEED blush and NEED it applied in the right place) but she added color to her lips with a sheen. The color isn’t heavy but it is there. General rule of modern technique, give light something to play with and bounce off rather than letting it get lost or absorbed. If you get a chance, check out her blog because she does have some really cool lessons on make-up that will go far deeper than I. Plus there are just some cool tutorials. Hope you enjoyed it. See you next post.

New Year New You from www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Awesome Not to Do and To Do from www.maskcara.com

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