Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

I must admit having been super busy with my husband’s surprise 80s prom theme birthday party (post to follow), a bridal show at which I was a vendor and my son’s busy basketball schedule has left me itching to get back to my New Year, New You series. I really hope you have enjoyed post 1 on hair and post 2 on beauty and are just as excited about post 3 – updating your fashion! Its kind of like the trifecta with fashion rounding it out.

By no means is it the least. While it may be a little more costly than say making minor changes in your hair or beauty routines, it is probably the most impactful thing you can adjust to make a huge impact in your New Year, New You. When you make a change in your wardrobe people almost always instantly notice – hence the change with the biggest impact. If not the most, it is definitely up there.

Unlike hair or beauty where if you really wanted to make a huge change like going from long hair to short hair or switching from subdued to bold makeup, with very few exceptions, doing so in your fashion could spell disaster. The secret to a truly amazing New Year, New You with respect to fashion is in the subtleties.

Let’s talk about the exception real quick. If you find yourself in a time warp with respect to fashion, say stuck in the 80s (reference the new series The Goldberg’s on ABC) or you are a victim of mommy fashion, then a radical change may be for you. If this is the case, I suggest starting with my beginning post on avoiding mommy fashion and continue on for more aggressive changes to update your fashion. I would caution by saying before you toss out your old wardrobe and start the expensive process of replacing it, see if you can adjust your fashion by eliminating the dated, regrouping with what you have and buy key pieces that are age appropriate, versatile and modern. Very few of us can afford to start from scratch. And if you can, you will need more than one shopping outfit to replace your clothes in. If you choose to do a radical change, I still suggest staying close to what defines you and your sense of style versus adopting someone else’s style. If you do adopt someone else’s without adapting it to your own, you most likely will revert to old bad habits. And when you do make such radical changes, trust me people will notice, and will question but will also, if you did a good job, shower you with compliments. You would be surprised. People want you updated more than you think and will take notice.

Moving to the subtle of New Year New You Fashion Updating, start with the simple.

Same old Same Old but in a NEW Way.

This one is pretty easy. Look at current trends in color, pattern, fabrics and outfit arrangement and “wearing”. Does your current wardrobe represent the current colors, patterns and fabrics for the season? For example, boots, in general, rarely go out of style. The same with jeans – although cuts do change per season. The current fashion trend leans toward the romantic with ethereal shades of pastels and glimmering golds, especially in free flowing chiffons. This modern take on romantic fantasy also is embodied by rich textures such as velvets and pearls. Colors tend to be mauve, smoky purples, golds, pinks, etc. (Though I am sure this will change as we move from Fall to Spring fashion.) If your wardrobe already features these elements, then its simply a matter of wearing these old hats in a new way. Have a sheer chiffon blouse –  wear it loose on the back and slightly tucked in to your jeans in the front, or pair a chiffon dress with a jacket and some pearls and your fav boots. Think the essence of feminine. Take what’s in your wardrobe and wear it in a new way.

Buy a Statement Maker and Make a Statement with It.

There is one blogger whose love is fashion that I really enjoyed. (Be sure to checkout www.thesweetestthingblog.com) When you looked at her photos of her fashion, you could tell she had a statement piece. Its a piece you use over and over again, working it into a variety of wardrobes. In her case, its her purse and her watch/bracelet mix. But this could be a statement necklace like a piece that has a large gem or stone at the center. It could be a really cool purse that you love or a awesome fitted leather jacket. The point is go out and splurge on one thing – within your budget – that you LOVE and will be used A LOT!

The Sweetest Thing Blog shows how a statement piece can be used for almost every outfit.

The Sweetest Thing Blog shows how a statement piece can be used for almost every outfit.

Embrace the Trends.

This does not mean become a cliché. But find a trend or two you like from the season and make it your own. For example, I happen to love the modern romantic trends right now but not all of them. I love the more free flowing elements and fabrics of the season but as a girl who prefers a more modern take on the glamour and sophisticated lines of the 40s, the frilly ruffles all over are not me. I do love pearls and booties but yellow gold is something I have had to warm up to this season. But I am embracing the elements I like. My wardrobe now sports more chiffon elements. However, they are more structure than ruffle heavy. I am mixing yellow gold with diamonds and white gold. And well, pearls and booties. That was a no brainer. Pastels and I, on the other hand, do not mix when it comes to clothes as I am skin tone wise what I like to refer to as one shade darker than ghost. So since that trend would be a fashion don’t for me and look all wrong, I won’t. Do the same. Find elements of trends you like and hopefully already have in your wardrobe and make them yours.

Love how The sweetest thing shows how you can embrace trends. Pick one and make it yours.

Love how The sweetest thing shows how you can embrace trends. Pick one and make it yours.

I would love to know how you have you are making yourself a New You for the New Year. Please let me know what you have done and if any of these tips help. See you next post. I’ll be sharing about the planning and pulling off of my husband’s surprise “Totally Awesome 80s Prom” birthday party.

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