Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

You would not think that there are too many expenses the day of your wedding or even on the last few days leading up to your wedding day but there are. And if you are not careful, you could end up spending more than you think. So here are just a few suggestions from my own wedding day experience.

Purchase or Make Your Own Emergency Kit

There are a whole lot of wedding day emergency kits out there but some have more than you need, not enough of what you may need or are missing key items. So you may find yourself supplementing. That being the case, make your own so it fits your needs. There are tons of lists out there but all kits should include crackers, eye makeup remover, pain reliever, tampon, needle and thread, safety pins, mini bottle of water, and double sided fabric tape. You can add other things that you need such as a small deodorant.

Snacks and Breakfast

Simple Wedding Day Budget Solutions www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Stay energized is important…note the pink glass loaded with caffeine filled diet soda…all kidding aside snacks and breakfast are so important.

I would not have thought this was important but boy is it. You are there getting hair done, makeup done, pictures, and that’s a rather long period of time. Then there is the ceremony and you can pretty much forget the appetizers (unless you arrange for a tray for you and your bridal party), so it’s not until your meal that you may get a bite to eat. Many brides don’t even get to eat then. I actually had my husband go and buy me breakfast. And I so wish I had snacks throughout the day. So make sure to budget for both.

Extra Costs

I was fortunate but I have heard of others including my good friend get hit with major bills at the end of their wedding day. Open bar bills that went crazy because bartenders or coordinators didn’t let the payee know that they were reaching their cap. Others have had huge food bills for extra food served. And still others have had bills for corkage fees and cutting fees that were not negotiated in advance. Take precautions and negotiate in advance. Always add a clause that if items are going to exceed the negotiated price, talk to the payee BEFORE incurring the cost. Have extra cash on hands in case you want to take advantage of the extra service.

Rentals…Are They All There

Simple Wedding Day Budget Solutions www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

The feathers, the glasses, the table cloth, plates and silverware all had to be accounted for and returned.

So I did get hit with this one. However, I was on my honeymoon and my poor mother and day coordinator were left to deal with the aftermath. Even though all the rentals were supposedly accounted for, it turned out items were missing. If they are missing you are responsible for them. Personal suggestion: have two people counting and double counting as items are returned to the vendor.

I hope you enjoyed my series on weddings and keeping budgets in check. I hope that this can benefit you if you are planning your own wedding, helping someone plan their wedding or if you are the mom of a bride or groom. My next series will be on emergency preparedness. Between our recent earthquakes and fires and the east coasts outrages and storms where my brothers live have brought it front and center.

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