Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Okay, when we moved in I felt like money was flying out of our savings account left and right…home owners insurance, earthquake insurance, new appliances, furniture, repairs, HOA, air conditioner’s electrical costs, and more. My budget was running hard, panting to stay intact and I felt like it was going to implode any minute. Ask any home owner and they will tell you the first year is the hardest on expenses and budget as it is somewhat of an unknown.

Then I made the greatest budget saving discovery ever! Someone shared the 99 Cent Store sold fresh produce. Skeptical, I began to shop. I was really impressed. Not only was I getting great deals on fresh produce like apples, lettuce (artisan too like butter lettuce which costs a bloody fortune at regular supermarkets), avacados, eggplant, cauliflower, and so much more, but cereal, bread, soda, and more. I would walkout with ten or more bags of groceries which would normally cost me well over $100 for about $30-40! My food budget went from over $600-$700 monthly for a family of two adults and one teenage boy, which I thought was good, to about $400-$500 and I am still trying to get it lower. (I read a blog title about a $250 monthly grocery bill…I can dream and strive for it.)

But through trial and error, I discovered that not everything is a good deal and sometimes it’s worth the extra money to buy the regular stuff. So starting this week, I will be doing a series on the Deals and Steals of the 99 Cent Store and the Stay Aways. Hopefully it will help you keep your budget in check too.

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