Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Bug Me ListIt’s here! The new home of Wife, Mom, House…Oh My! It did actually launch on May 1st as planned but with a small statistics and subscriber snafu (situation normal all fouled up) that is now fixed. I am finally getting to announce it. I hope you love it as much as I do. It’s a work in progress and will evolve overtime but I am excited to have my permanent home up and running.

Speaking of home, it has been one year since we took possession of our home and, come July 15, a year since we moved in. Its a little hard to imagine but good, bad or indifferent, its true. But as I approach our one year anniversary, I find myself reflecting on the fact that I find myself frustrated at almost every  turn for a variety of reasons…the bar drawer has turned into a junk drawer that seems to eat whatever gets put in it, our garage could doubles as a storage shed, there are not enough “homes” for the everything we have and that’s not for a lack of space, and so much more. Frankly, its been bugging me non-stop.

Probably the best thing it could have done. It reminded me of a practice that I used, and can’t figure out why I stopped, in my business to deal with things that were not working for me or for the success of my business. It’s called “The Bug Me List”.

Have you just ever gone, “ugh” because the file wouldn’t close or you couldn’t find what you were looking for or perhaps its the box sitting in the room that you keep tripping on.  That’s where “The Bug List” comes from…from what’s bugging you. I pulled out a small notebook and labeled it, “The Bug Me List”. What I would do is add to the list every time I encountered an ugh or something that bugged me. I didn’t worry about what the fix was for what was bugging me. That would come later. Its was more about getting down on paper what I encounter that frustrated me but in truth life’s hectic nature would make me forget until the next time it bugged me.

Bug Me List DetailSo I started to do the same for the challenges I was encountering throughout my home.  This is no short list so it won’t be a few fast projects. It won’t be easy and I don’t expect it to happen over night. But I am determined to get back my organization I once had.

So over the next several posts I am going to document my process and as I periodically attack my bug list, I will share the process of killing the bugs…okay so a little corny but what can I say. Projects on my massive list will range from managing my over stuff filing cabinets with proper and efficient file management to updating a laundry with increase storage to getting through my storage shed of a garage to repurpose it to well a garage. The list will be added to but I will keep plugging away.

I encourage you to join me. Start your own Bug List and tune into my next post for how to plan an attack on the list as a whole.  Wish me luck…I’m a little worried. My list is over six pages long…


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