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Fruit Salad w a Twist of Lime www.wifemomhouseohmy.comI was looking at the temperature this morning and at 8:30am, it was a warm 76 degrees. And before anyone gets jealous, that just means one heck of a hot day was coming…in fact one heck of a hot week. Try 90 degrees on Monday, 93 degrees on Tuesday, 100 degrees on Wednesday, 102 degrees on Thursday and 96 degrees on Friday. It’s hard to imagine that Monday is our cold spell! Ugh! But it meant that the Monday Munchies I had planned for today would be all the more satisfying.

About 15 years ago (and yes I cringe at that), I was introduced to a little Mexican food grocery store about a city over. Besides drooling over the yummy delectables, I tried their famous fruit salad. It was to die for fresh, yummy and mouth watering good! I immediately went home a tried to recreate it. And on hot days like those this week, its a simple and no heat snack (or meal as I choose to eat them) anyone will enjoy. The nice thing about this fruit salad with a twist is that it can be modified to anyone’s tastes, for food allergies and with fruit that is in season. It’s super flexible.


1- Lime

Chili Powder


Fresh Fruit:


Orange Wedges



Mango and/or Papaya

Cantaloupe and/or Honeydew

Pineapple (not in mine I am sadly allergic)



The How To:

You can pretty much use any fresh fruit. I generally opt for what’s in season or what’s in my fridge and what I can eat. Sadly, I’ve discovered I am allergic to pineapple but I highly recommend including it as I remember it being so awesome in the salad. I have used kiwi before but since I couldn’t find one, I opted for a white peach instead.

First, you want to peel and slice the fruit into easy bite sizes. You can either toss them all together or layer them. Tossing is my preference but for aesthetics at say a dinner party, I might layer each fruit to create a rainbow. Next, I sprinkle salt and chili powder on the top. I’m pretty generous in my application, especially the chili powder but season it to your tastes. If you have ever had cantaloupe with salt, you know this is a delish blend of salt and sweet. By adding the chili powder, you are adding another dimension of flavor. Next, I slice the lime in half and squeeze one half onto the fruit salad. The lime juice will move the salt and chili to the bottom fruit as it passes over the top pieces. The whole thing will get well coated. Lastly, I peel and slice the jicama in to stripes. This gives a sweet nutty taste to balance the other flavors. Serve.

As I said, super easy and majorly refreshing! It’s a Fruit Salad with a Twist of Lime…

One Response to Monday Munchies: A Twist on Fruit Salad

  • Yum! I can attest to how refreshing this is as I was with her when we first tried it. I would never have thought to add chili powder to fruit, but it is fabulous. Over the years, I had forgotten how great it was, however, she recently served it at a fun Cinco de Mayo dinner. All I can say is Thank You for the delightful reminder of this great, healthy, super easy dish.

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