Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Project Organization: Junk Drawer No More www.wifemomhouseohmy.comSo this project organization came a little early and out of frustration. My junk drawer was driving me nuts. Between my husband’s constant gripes about not having what he wanted in there or even down stairs and my inability to find what I was looking for in the junk drawer, I was done! I knew what I wanted to do but I had been holding off doing it because as any girl would want, I wanted to make it pretty. But the need for organization NOW won out over the time needed to make it pretty. Let me start off by saying I will at a later date, when I find the paper I want, make my new junk drawer organizing boxes pretty!

As you can see my junk drawer was pretty full and yes everything did fit in there and the drawer did close. I am a HUGE fan of using what I have to make things work in my house and home office. Plus, if I can save money on my current projects, that means there is more money being set aside or left for the big projects I want to do.

My boys go through cereal (and milk) like they would never get cereal again so each week I had a preponderance of cereal boxes. Plus, in our narrow pantry space is a premium so I have storage containers for things like pop-tarts, granola bars, crackers, and similar. Boxes were piling up in our recycling. A long time ago I learned that the boxes that checkbooks come in are awesome drawer organizers, so why not these for my junk drawer. So I started hording them for my project.

After emptying the junk from my drawer on to my table (boy do we have a lot of wine bottle openers), I arranged the boxes in the drawer to figure out the best configuration. (It’s a little silly but the couch is my favorite place to work on projects…that or the floor.) Despite every way I arranged the boxes, I was left with an odd hole. I needed different size containers so I was stuck with my hole. 🙁

I marked each box using the edge of the drawer to determine the height of each box and to know where to cut. I carefully cut each with an X-Acto knife and trimmed the frays off with scissors. Took about 20 minutes while watching Drop Dead Diva.

Now for my hole. I had an extra pop-tart box that was the perfect width but not the perfect length. First, I marked the box as I had marked all others for the height of the box. Next, I measured the length twice, marked and the cut the box in half on that line. Taking the smaller half and placing it on the outside of the longer box half, I pushed them together to ensure that the length stayed the size I wanted. I taped it in place and I now had the perfect box for my little hole. And once I get to covering them, no one will know the difference.

The next challenge I contended with was the bar at the top of drawer. The fix was pretty simple. I notched out little holes in the boxes effected by the top bar so that the drawer could slide in and out. So while its not the prettiest junk drawer right now, at least its organized and I can to things!

When I do prettify it, I’ll post and updated photo. See you next post.

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