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Steps to Installing a Message Board www.wifemomhouseohmy.comIn my ongoing series called Project Organization, I have been focusing on doing big, medium and little things to help organize our home and our life…efforts to control the chaos. One of my personal frustrations is that my husband will tell me things in the morning when I am half if not completely out and then I promptly forget what was said. Or my son will tell one of us something but not the other. Or we will think of things to tell each other like “out of chocolate syrup” (this would be my boys as I don’t eat chocolate syrup) but forget to tell the person when we see them.

The goal of the message board is to prevent just that. As far as projects go, this one was pretty simple. I located a cool metal magnetic board at TJMaxx, so love that place, on sale for $12. I knew I wanted one but it was a surprise find at a great price that I couldn’t pass up. Installing it takes 5 simple steps.

Step One: Gather Your Materials

For this project, I needed a drill, hammer, anchors, screws, tape measure, pencil, drill bits (if not included with the anchors), a nail, stud finder, a level (not pictured) and obviously the message board.

Step Two: Measure

This particular board requires two precisely placed screws for the board to be secured to the wall. Since I did this by myself, I measure first, the whole width of the board so I can determine where I want the board, making sure to write this number down. Second, I measured the length from the left side of the board to the center of the first hole and recorded the measurement. Lastly, I measured from the left side of the frame to the center of the second hole and recorded it. I firmly believe in measure twice. It is so important to double and even triple check your measurements.

Step Three: Determining Locations

Using the level, preferably one with a ruler, I located where I wanted the top of the board and made sure I was level. Next, I drew a line the length of the board’s width. Next, measuring from the left side I marked the location for the holes. In order to make sure whether I was or was not hanging the board and drilling my holes into studs, I used a stud finder to test where the holes would be. To double check, I nailed my nail into the location for the holes. If you have ever hit a stud, you know its feels like a hard mass whereas drywall, after you get past the initial, the nail just slips easily inside the wall without resistance.

Step Four: Installing the Anchors

In my case, I had no studs. I used 25 pound anchors though I doubt I will ever get to a true 25 pounds. To install the anchors, use the appropriate sized drill bit. If you buy a kit, the drill bit is included. If not, I typically take my drill bit and insert into the screw’s head. Typically, if it fits snuggly, then it or one size above will create a large enough hole for the anchor. I lined up the drill with the holes I made for locating any potential studs. This works well as it helps anchor the drill bit and prevents slippage. Then I simply drilled the holes.

Next, I inserted the anchors by hand as far as they would go. Then I used the hammer to hammer the anchors into the wall until they were flush. I have learned over time you do not want to bang too hard or they will break.

Step Five: Putting up the Board

Lastly, I screwed in the screws until they were about two turns from being flush with the wall. Lastly, I hung the board.

As I said, simple but effective. See you next post!

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