Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

FriXion Pens and Highlighters www.wifemomhouseohmy.comI have to admit I LOVE writing in pens. I know its silly but there is something permanent and crisp about pen ink, especially when you find a good one. But as a part of my Mary Kay business I was taught two things:

1. The faintest ink is always better than the most retentive memory. (In other words, write it down because you could, rather most likely will, forget.)

2. Always write in pencil, especially in planners, as things change.

So for the past 14 plus years I have written notes, memos, etc. in ink because I knew I would forget something, even with my almost photographic memory (my mom and husband hate this because I never forget anything!) AND any appointments or blog plans revolving around dates and scheduling are written in pencil. (I will be the first to admit that I went happily full speed ahead with tablet and phone calendars as they eliminated the need to write, erase, and rewrite appointments.)

In the past, I had tried many so called erasable pens and found them frustrating on many levels – they tore paper when you erased their ink, they never fully erased and they left eraser stains too. That’s where the NEW Pilot FriXion pens come in.

I was first introduced to these new erasable pens when thumbing through the coupons in the USA Today of a Sunday newspaper. They caught my eye and the discount seemed pretty decent. I clipped them and made a mental note to be on the lookout for them in stores as they claimed to not have ANY of the problems of past erasable pens. At first I had a difficult time finding these miracle pens but eventually, with some persistence, I did find them and their sister the FriXion highlighters.

First, they actually do as they claim! They are truly erasable and completely unlike their past erasable pen ancestors. They didn’t tear, leave residue or any remnant of previous ink…except a possible impression if you are per say a little heavy handed in your writing. I was duly impressed. This has to do with their “unique thermo-sensitive” gel ink that is specially formulated to be removed with friction…rubbing their silver “eraser” against the ink-marked  paper. Pretty cool in my book. And this was true of both the highlighter AND the pen.

Second, both write smoothly. The highlighter is no different in my book in quality of highlighting than any other highlighter I have used. In fact, it is very similar to the liquid ink highlighters that I so love. The ink is crisp and clear and not distracting or in your face garish. The pen ink took a little getting use to as I’m not the biggest gel ink pen fan. Like any gel pen, they have to be held a certain way to get a constant flow. But once I got it, I was in heaven. I have a busy teenager, a busy house, a busy husband and a mom that’s moving and a myriad of other things…things change FREQUENTLY.

Lastly, I love the feel of them in my hand. A pen (and highlighter for that matter) have to have a certain weight and bulk to them without being too bulky and heavy or your hand gets tired. I would say these are a good balance. The pen also has a grip soft rubber at the top where you hold the pen. This made it even more comfortable in my hand.

The only thing I feel could use improvement was the amount of ink in the pen. They seem to run out quickly, especially given the price for a three pack (about $9), as compared to other pens I own. Now they are refillable but as of now you can only purchase refills from Pilot. I was really impressed with the pens and highlighters and their eraser technology. I hope they address the ink amount issue in future generations of the pen as well as expanding their color selections and variety of pens and highlighters.

All in all, I would totally recommend them and will definitely buy them again myself.

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