Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

As you can see definitely two pint sized cuties but their mess, not so cute.

As you can see definitely two pint sized cuties but their mess, not so cute.

To say our new home was a fixer upper was an understatement. You have seen some of our homes before pics in many of my previous posts from the Temporary Dream Kitchen series and my family room redo. It has great bones but it had definitely been missing the love and care. Our backyard was way worse. Broken glass, erratic grass patches that came with the most painful stickers, even mass amounts of empty soda cans randomly around the yard. It needs some major TLC. Its going to take us a long while to make it in to our dream backyard.

On the immediate we needed GRASS, actually a cheap potty patch of grass so that when the rains hit here in So Cal, yes it does actually rain here just not enough, we wouldn’t have messy little Yorkie paw prints every where. As cute as they are, my terribly cute terrier twosome’s muddy mess, not so much. So sod was a major need and fast.

Got to totally applaud my handsome hubby’s and Andrew’s hard work on this one…I love looking at a beautiful garden and admiring every aspect of it from plush and lushes grass to the sweet fragrant florals but I don’t do gardening. Totally not my thing…mainly because its too hot during prime season. They did a great job so I’m featuring their handy work this post. Even though my boys only laid sod for a small area, the steps are the same for your whole yard.

Steps to Laying Sod:

Step 1: Clear and Level your area

The trick that I noticed to getting the yard looking good when you lay sod is to make sure you prep the area first. This means making sure the yard is free of debris and existing growth is removed from where you will be laying the sod.

In order to get the sod to look and lay right, you need to level out the underneath. This may be as simple as raking down and evening out the small mounds. It could be as time consuming and sweat-breaking as digging down a couple of inches so the sod sits evenly with any existing patio or cement work. Again, make sure its level.

Also, be conscious of the way the yard drains. You will want to preserve this with a minor grade in the direction that you want the runoff to drain or in its natural direction. The last thing you need is to have your beautiful new lawn flooded with the first decent rain.

Step 2: Give a Crap…Lay Down Fertilizer

Step 3 Laying the Squares www.wifemomhouseohmy.comOdds are the ground beneath your sod is probably not the most nutrient rich. However, new grass, whether sod or seed, needs nutrients to grow. Fertilizer is the best source for grass. Spread the fertilizer over the leveled ground. Make sure you keep it level too.

Step 3: Pretend you are Putting a Puzzle Together…Placing the Squares

This looked fun to me but I know it was hard back breaking work for them. Unroll the sod square and place it on the ground keeping it in line. Cut edges as you run into patio and cement work and gardening beds. A box cutter actually works beautifully. As you start the second row, stagger the seams. This helps the sod look more natural as well as helps prevent lifting.

Step 4: Give it a Drink

Step 3 Laying the Squares www.wifemomhouseohmy.comWhether you transplant a sapling, a flower, or are laying sod or seed, it needs water. Give it a good drink without soaking the lawn. You don’t really want drown your new grass.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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