Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

The Stark Raving Mad Scientist that caught my eye

The Stark Raving Mad Scientist that caught my eye

So I absolutely hate to admit this because I thought I was beyond the tricks of marketing. I get the “Medium” size comparison for making the up sale seem like a better buy. I respect the jingle and its effects of memory recall by combining catch phrases with music (by the way a great way to help you remember things is to pair them with music and alliteration.) Even I fail pray to ever addicting JG Wentworth operetta.  I thought I was above it or even knowing what I was getting into it but then it happened. I couldn’t believe it. I had unknowingly fell prey to “pretty” face advertising. And I liked it!

Its easy for me to understand and get how fast I can fall head over heels in love with an eye catching tote or Cinderella fit shoes. But I  get my addiction and it had nothing to do with marketing, just my chosen way to go broke…just kidding I am not irresponsible with money but I do love purses, shoes, and pretty much every accessory known to have graced classy ladies of fashion. But this was different.

There I was meandering my way through Albertsons, minding my own grocery shopping business, when it happened. I spotted the handsome raving mad scientist and I was intrigued. I was so intrigued, I decided he was coming home with me. But that was not before I spotted The Big Bad Red Blend, a Lost Slipper Sauvignon, A Charming Pinot, The Fairest Chardonnay, A Middle Sister mix, and, for my husband, a Miss Priss by Duck Commander. Even the Legend of the Vine caught my eye. Yep, I was drug into a world of brilliant marketing that captured me and refused to let me go…not that I really wanted it to.

The Big Bad Red that got me too!

The Big Bad Red that got me too!

I’d wandered in to the wine isle, just browsing, when as I said I spotted the stark raving white mad scientist. It caught my attention and grabbed me in. I had already fell prey to the Apothic White’s scroll design and intriguing name but only as so far as to be intrigued enough to read the information on the back. The blend peaked my interest so I indulged. But the Stark Raving White started an overwhelming binge into the pretty eye catching labels. I wanted to try them just because of the label, just because of the catchy names…and it didn’t matter what type of wine it was, I wanted to try it. Silly yes, but true none the less. There was the Stark Raving White and Stark Raving Red. A piece of nice scroll work and a play on one of my favorite shows “Once Upon a Time”, and I wanted to try it too. It was a Once Upon  A Vine called The Big Bad Red Blend and I don’t even like red. I found myself pulled in left and right by creative marketing!

As I kept spotting wine after wine that I wanted to try, it dawned on me what was happening. I was ready to try each and every one simply because they looked cool! So my question is, what do you fall pray to in terms of marketing? Is it pretty face marketing? Intriguing commercials? The Steal of a Deal? A Sale? Do you know its happening and choose to purchase anyways? Or do you walk away? Or do you realize it?

Oh…I did take home the stark raving scientist and yes he was delicious. The prefect blend of sweet and tart and not too dry. We all enjoyed the bottle. I guess I am not that marketing savvy after all. Cheers till next post!

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