Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

As much fun as I had decorating my dining room with my version of a classic macabre scary vignette, I equally enjoyed decorating the rest of the home. I work hard to use what I have in interesting ways while adding to my stash of décor each year with a little bit more that I can find on my budget. The main focus of my new items did go to my dinning room, though I think it was a good use of what I had already blended with the new. However, I did get to make my finds go a long way. Hope you enjoy my “Haunted Home Tour”.

Here is the dining room which I featured in yesterday’s post and you can see a lot more detailed pictures in it. But here is a collage.

The Dining Room www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

At Michael’s I picked up the large skull, large glitter spiders, feather and the two small skull votive holders. They were on sale and I had a 50% off one item so they were a total steal. The cheese cloth I got from JoAnn again at another steal price with a 40% off coupon. These combined cost around $5. The taper mercury glass candle holders I found at Marshalls but I full intend to use them many multiple times during the year so they didn’t come out of my Halloween budget. The rats, the snakes, the two ravens, the two raven stone statues, the second skull and the book all came from DollarTree. Everything else I already had, including my witch’s hat that I customized with fun flowers, feathers, spiders and more a few year’s ago, I already had in my stash.

My next favorite room to decorate was my family room. Its a place family can congregate in and the room that feels the coziest to me. So the macabre followed.

The Mantle www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

The mantle was a again a combination of new and old. I really didn’t want to dismantle my mantle (okay, I know I’m silly but that just tickled me…dismantle my mantle…lol) so I left the core elements in place and worked with them. The two new items were the skull “candles” and the stick on decal to the mirror. The skull candles were a gift so no extra cost. The decal cost a $1 at DollarTree. Everything else were items from my current stash or were “leftovers” from what I’d purchased for the dining room. I’m torn as to which element I like best in this design…the eyes peering out in the bird nest or the all the spiders. I think I’m going with the eyes since spiders creep my husband out. (We have an understanding, he handles the lizards that send me screaming and I handle the spiders he doesn’t like…it works for us.)

The Family Room www.wifemomhouseohmy.comI adore the road kill rat that my husband brought into our marriage. Only challenge…so do our Yorkies and we have to play watch dogs with them or road kill may end up mangle on top of being squashed.

My guest bath has been an easy decorating project for holidays. I love what’s already there so its just a matter of playing up what is already there…in this case the black and white elements with a touch of purples.

The Guest Bath www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

So I add some black spiders, some white webs, and a sign and witch with purple and black elements, which you can see in the mirror.

My living room is a work in progress. I have the design in place but have not started the redo yet. Things keep popping up this year to postpone my two biggest projects. So I kind of use the remaining elements I have to add a fun and kid like side to Halloween décor. Not only is it a little more kid friendly for little ones that trick or treat at our house BUT its quirky randomness is something I can get away with until we redo the living room.  I personally still adore my animatronic witch, Dracula, Death and Frankenstein so they may stay in to perpetuity my stair sitters. They tickle me when I come in the door, especially the “happy” version of death – he totally looks like he is smiling even in his vacant eyes. Odd I know but he is my fav.

My kitchen I typically leave pretty simple because there is constant activity in there and having to continuously move and redo Halloween or any holiday décor gets old fast. My solution is cute candle stick holders and candy corn colored tapers. On my bar, I also added some candy corn tealights and mini pillar but they may have to find a new home next year. Various members of my family have complained that it is just not right to have such a large candy corn and it not be edible…

Everywhere Else www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

I hope you enjoyed my take on Halloween décor and decorating. Its always fun for me to be festive. Be sure and check out next year to see what changes as well as my Thanksgiving and Christmas décor this year. I’m trying new things for both holidays. I’d love to see some of your décor for the upcoming holidays, too. Share and I will share in an upcoming post!

And if you like pumpkin carving, be sure to check out my next post!

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