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Fun, Festive, Scary Movie Viewing Party Night www.wifemomhouseohmy.comMy son has hit sixteen this year and it has been a little while since he was of trick or treat age. Where we lived there is an Old Town area that is known for its trick or treat function. A good friend of mine lives on the route and she and her husband have to take turns so each can get a potty break…they are really that non-stop busy. It’s actually pretty cool and coordinates with our town’s local Halloween festival – which we have done before and enjoyed.

But the awesomeness and popularity of the event leaves our house with a pretty slim amount of trick or treaters….5 in total last year. So we thought we would do something a little different this year – a Fun, Festive, Scary Movie Viewing Party Night.

Whether this is done on Halloween night or another leading up to the witching night, it promises to be fun and truthfully it does not have to be that difficult to pull off. It can be done on an intimate scale (our plan for this year) or on a bigger scale. Either way, I sent out a simple email invitation to some close friends. Basically, giving the time, the day, the location (our home), asked for an RSVP and, though I didn’t this year, I would include what defines a “scary movie”.

I’m having everyone vote on their favorite scary movie from a list to pick the two or three movies that we will watch. We will have Halloween appropriate snacks such as guacamoldy, fingersticks, mummy dogs, six feet deep dip, devil eggs, dead man toe-maki, veggie skeleton, trick or treat punch, caramel apples, Slimmer popcorn, and perhaps Swedish eyeballs. Basically, we get to enjoy the evening being scared and getting full.

I am really looking forward to trying this. Be sure to check out the recipe from the link in the post.

I am really looking forward to trying this. Be sure to check out the recipe from the link in the post.

As a cheat sheet, here are what each of our little goodies are:

Guacamoldy – basically guacamole served with tortilla chips. I have seen a lot of different serving ideas such as it coming out the mouth of a small pumpkin

Fingersticks – breadstick with an almond sliver at the top

Mummy Dogs – hot dogs wrapped like a mummy in crescent roll dough.

Six Feet Deep Dip – 7 layer bean dip with tortilla gravestones stuck in it

Devil Eggs – deviled eggs

Trick or Treat Punch – see http://www.spendwithpennies.com/trick-or-treat-halloween-punch/

Slimmer popcorn – caramel corn with a lime green tint

Dead Man Toe-maki – ramaki

Veggie Skeleton – a veggie tray shaped like a skeleton

Swedish Eyeballs – Swedish meatballs

Caramel Apples – well…caramel apples


Personally looking forward to it. What are you doing this year for Halloween?


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