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Product Review Bissell DeepClean Deluxe™ Pet Deep Cleaner 36Z9 Title www.wifemomhouseohmy.comProduct Review Bissell DeepClean Deluxe™ Pet Deep Cleaner 36Z9 www.wifemomhouseohmy.comWe’ve been in our house a little more than a year and our carpet needed some freshening up, ok, really it needed cleaning. Between two fishermen, two sometimes not so good little Yorkies, and a backyard still under construction, my family room carpet especially got a whole lot of wear and tear. And as much as I LOVE my little Yorkie terrors, I mean Yorkie terriers, moving into a new place was bound to lead accidents and making our home “their home”. I thought about renting a machine but they can cost up to $50 a rental and I wasn’t planning on getting rid of my little messes. So I started looking at various carpet cleaning machines. I reviewed multiple sources reading consumer buying guide reviews, customer reviews, specs and features. I looked at cost and features I wanted which included deep cleaning ability, ability to remove pet stains (urine and vomit), wide path and keeping dirty water separate from the clean.

Ultimately I decided on the DeepClean Deluxe Pet Deep Clean 36Z9 by Bissell (DeepClean Deluxe for short). I like the fact my Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupon took of 20% and I had a gift card so I was able to get it down to $250. Typically, it retails around $299. What really drew me to this particular model was the onboard pet stain cleaner that isolated the dirty water from the hose of the main machine so that it was never tainted by urine. HUGE plus for those of us who have pets! Given the other features, extremely positive reviews, and cost, I figured it was the best option for my family and its messes. So I took the plunge and ordered it. On a side note, love Bed, Bath and Beyond’s easy ordering and service when it comes to online ordering.

It arrived in a large box at my doorstep a week early AND shipped free. Though a little awkward to get in the house, it wasn’t too heavy. First thing I noticed was how simple it was to put together. No Einstein or aerospace engineer needed for assembly. I am one of those who reads the instructions and was reminded about the DeepClean Deluxe’s onboard heating that keeps the water hot while cleaning.

The second thing that caught my attention was how unbelievably easy the DeepClean Deluxe was to fill and add the water unit without any real difficulty at all. In the past, other machines were quite complex and I often felt like I was wrestling a small oddly shaped boulder. It slipped right into the machine and I was ready to go. I used the enclosed cleaner but would probably, given my pet stains, consider pretreating. I will explain later as to why.

My next impressed moment was using the onboard stain remover. Push the button and it sprays the warm directly on to the stain. Then you simply press the nozzle down to the stain and move it back and forth pulling out dirt that was almost black. See the photo and I really do keep my house clean!!!  I cleaned all the spots and you can see the before and after as an example. The only challenging part about the handle tool was learning to maneuver it being that it was attacked to the machine. But that was more user error than a fault of the DeepClean Deluxe. I did have to go over the stains several times but I believe that may have been because of my lack of pretreating the stains with a specialized pet pretreating formula right before using the stain lifting tool. Something too remember in the future because I’m pretty sure I will have future stains in my family.

Moving on to the carpet as a whole, I must say I was impressed with the maneuvering of the larger unit as a whole. The DeepClean Deluxe is still a straight back and forth machine but because of the light weight and the wider path, it covered faster and was easier to swing into the next row. I was impressed with the overall cleaning ability. It left my carpet looking as clean, fresh and beautiful as when it was first installed. When I walked on it, it was sans squishy watery almost swampy feel with most carpet machines. It had soaked up the majority of the water it had released, including all the debris. It took an evening to completely dry versus a day an a half the I had experienced previously.

Clean up was a bit more challenging. The DeepClean Deluxe had multiple components that needed individual cleaning. However, I found after it was fully cleaned and dried that the multiple components allowed for a complete cleaning and no lingering mildew stinky smell remained. I would like to see them improve on being able to dry the main compartment housing the water. It has a separate bladder to hold the clean water contained inside the outer water container that ultimately holds the dirty water – a feature I LOVE. However, the bladder can trap some small amounts of water underneath it, which extends its drying time. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to get a paper towel in some areas to remove it. But given all the other features that I love, waiting for it to dry completely was a small price to pay.

Overall I’m in love with the machine and would fully recommend it to anyone looking for a carpet cleaner, especially those with pets, young kids, teenagers and husbands (okay, just a little teasing on the last one). Only thing left is to find the best stain pretreat formula.


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