Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Impromptu Date Nights www.wifemomhouseohmy.comImpromptu dates and date nights are some of the most memorable and most interesting dates. The best parts about them is their spontaneity and their usually mundane surroundings. They can happen with a grocery store run or a quick stop for a Polar Pop soda fix (I am a self confessed addict to the 89 cent Diet Coke, Cherry Pepsi combo fountain drinks at Circle K). Ours usually start as errands and we get sidetracked in to a quick or not so quick just me and hubby “date”.

One particular recent one started with a simple errand to Target. I needed to buy some badly overdue doggie toothbrushing essentials and Target is where I had success in the past with finding the ones my little loving Yorkies can tolerate. Now, I could have gone a lone and truth be told would have gotten the task done a lot faster but it would not have been nearly as much fun and it wouldn’t have been with my hubby. So seeing as our “our” time has been pretty crunched, I took the opportunity and turned my quick trip to the store into a “date” by asking him to join me.

This often leads to a interesting trip of how I hear “we need chocolate as we are out at the house and the office” or that “we really need some more ice cream as it was missing the last time he checked” kind of comments said with a silly and impish type grin on his face. But this trip turned to a “date” of silly window shopping. On our way to the doggy aisle, we were sidetracked by home décor where I managed to get him to sit in a pink chair. Before we made it to the doggy aisle, we were sidetracked once again by the frighteningly fun and festive Halloween candy and décor. And no trip to the Halloween aisle would be complete without some silliness. We enjoyed trying on different Halloween accessories from extra long finger gloves, to mini hats and of course masks. Before we ever made it to the doggy aisle, which as an added bonus to our adventure did by chance happen to be at the back of the store, we managed to wander our way into clothing, shoes and even got him to go browsing through baby stuff with me … for future little ones.

As it turned out, Target no longer sells my little Yorkies favorite toothpaste and doggie mints but in my mind the trip was not a waste. Besides the funny memories, I got the opportunity to be silly, one on one with my hubby. Sometimes in our busy lives we have to take the little time together that we can get. That doesn’t mean that date night should be replaced or forgotten. But when getting together for a minute on the couch is undone by phone calls, teen distractions, or life, the little “errands” can turn in to awesome quality time together. At least for us it does. In fact, one of my favorite impromptu “dates” is the 10 minute run to Circle K that includes adult alone time conversation.

Now I realize this isn’t feasible for every married couple or couple with kids out there, but those that their kids are old enough to be left alone for 10-20 minutes, these can be much needed alone couple time.

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