Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

I love decorating for the holidays! Thanksgiving is no different in that love. I do limit the amount only because of the need for a quick clean up for Christmas. Christmas throws up tastefully in my house but there is just A LOT! So I tend to keep Thanksgiving Décor to key locations.

I define key location as anywhere family and guests will congregate or will be welcomed. For our family, this is generally the front door, the living/family room and the dining table. For most of the month of November, I have two areas set up – my dining table and our front door.

For my front door, I keep it simple. I hang a fall wreath on the front door and leave our two Halloween pumpkins up. We don’t carve the front door pumpkins for Halloween so they are still fresh all they way through Thanksgiving. But you can keep a pumpkin fresh that has been cut by submerging it into a bucket of water. Most times it is just drying out. However if it has started to rot, there isn’t much that can be done to save it.

For my dining table, I go all out as you can see below. I do this for two reasons. I think in our home it makes a major statement as you walk in the house as you can see straight in to our dining room. I am also a little on the thrifty side and on Thanksgiving Day, I will downsize the table décor, shifting it to our living room and family room. The little vignettes on open shelving work well in keeping the house feeling festive and also leaves valuable table space for the delectable appetizers.

As I said, I am a thrifty girl. With very few exceptions, every one of my Thanksgiving décor items are multiuse pieces. The pumpkin teapot, coffee and creamer as well as the salt and pepper shaker are not only decorative but I will use them for Thanksgiving and previously for Halloween and Thanksgiving teas. I use pinecones throughout my house for regular décor and they are going to be a major part of my Christmas this year. Extra bonus – completely free! Just picked them upon my morning walk. In fact the only items that are exclusive to Thanksgiving décor are my front door wreath, the white pumpkin, the gold owl and the table runner.

Thanksgiving Decor 3 www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Thanksgiving Decor 1 www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Thanksgiving Decor 2 www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Generally, I try to keep it simple! What do you think? What do you do for décor when you host Thanksgiving?

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