Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Hosting Thanksgiving ShoppingThere is not much about the holidays that I don’t like. In fact, there is only one thing that I don’t. Crowds. Its not that I don’t like people, I love people, but crowds are a-whole-nother phenomenon. They take on a not so friendly attitude and can be more than pushy. So in order to keep my friendly pleasant holiday festive spirit, I either avoid it all together or do whatever I have to so I can get out quickly.

When it comes to shopping for a meal, I focus more on the latter…not like I can avoid it too much. So I turn to my good ole friend, the plan.  As you know from my post, Hosting Thanksgiving: The Plan, I plan out thanksgiving, including my recipes and my shopping list.  You can get all my plan sheets from this post too. But going to shop for everything, I find myself planning as well.

Start with What You Have

The first thing I do, even before making my shopping list, is to go through my recipes and write down every ingredient that I need to make each dish. Then I go shopping with myself. I start by seeing what I already have, making sure I have enough for the recipe, and then I mark off the item from my list. This saves duplicate purchases and saves cash. Always a good thing. Then I make my shopping list.

Search for Deals

One thing that stays an absolute is stores want to sell their products. If it is getting close to a holiday, deals start to appear. So a good pointer I have used for holiday shopping whether I am hosting or just potlucking it, is to know when your week’s ads come out. This is important when it comes to getting the best pick of the deals. And yes some deals sell out FAST! After I make my shopping list, I grab my ads and look for the deals. For example, this last shopping trip I did, I got my turkey for $0.47 a pound – total turkey cost $7.52!!! I also got a pound of bacon for less than $3.00, 8 maple sausage links for less than a $1.00 and rolls for less than $1.00 for a dozen brown and serve rolls. And these are just to name a few!! In fact my whole shopping bill was 52% less than had I bought everything retail full price. That’s more than HALF!!!

Don’t forget to hit the online coupons too!

Not a shopping tip but, if you have hungry teenagers or hungry husbands, when I bring home the groceries, I mark all of the items exclusively for the holiday/special occasion so the boys know to stay out of it!

Happy Thanksgiving prep to all. Do you have any shopping tips that you use for holidays? Share below.

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