Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Thanksgiving Banner from www.wifemomhouseohmy.comHappy Thanksgiving Everyone!

By now I hope everyone has enjoyed their turkey, been stuffed with stuffing and got their delicious piece of pumpkin pie loaded with whipped cream. I hope you were all surrounded by those you love and that the mood was one of peace and love.

This year I took time to be thankful for all the wonderful and amazing things I have been blessed with in my life. Once I started, I found that I had so many wonderful things in my life and as I thought of one, another came to mind, and another, and another. In the end, I found I had this serene and peaceful, warm calm about me. I felt filled and surrounded by abundance and love. I felt awed. I encourage you before you go to sleep tonight, try this for yourself. Write them down, say them out loud, say them to someone or speak them to your soul but I think you will be amazed at how you feel afterward.

Here are some of the things I feel grateful for and for which I give much thanks.

  1. I am so thankful for the people in my life…my husband – who has graciously let me focus on dealing with health challenges and figure out how they get managed in my life and how to live life around them, my mother – who is the strongest woman I know, unbelievably compassionate and wise and always there for me, my friends – who despite who I am and all my faults except and love me, my son – who despite us butting our heads a lot lately I am so grateful beyond words that God brought in to my life.
  2. I am so very thankful that after 17 years I was finally able to see and heal with my father’s family, most of whom I have not seen or spoken to since his funeral. Though awkward and scary, I am glad that the distance, time and rift I have felt is starting to be mended and I hope it will not be another 17 years till I see them again.
  3. I am so thankful for my furry babies who remind me daily what unconditional love is, that bring such joy to my life and for how they teach me something everyday.
  4. I am so thankful for my home and the roof it provides and all the luxuries with in and that I have the luxury to complain about its challenges. I know the grace of God is the only reason I have it.
  5. I am thankful beyond words for this blog and for those that read it. It is a wonderful outlet for me to share what I learn and experience as well as a deeply fulfilling creative venture.
  6. I am thankful for the challenges with my health, for they could be so much worse, and they remind me that I am still alive and to not take that for granted.
  7. I am thankful for the meal I enjoyed today. I know that there are many people today who will go without food.
  8. I am thankful that for all our nation’s challenges that I live here and for all our military that protect and serve so that I have the freedoms I do.

There are so many more that I could right several posts trying to get through them all. Again I encourage you to try this yourself. It is amazing what you will feel afterwards. What are you thankful for this year?

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