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Leftover Ham? Turn It Into Yummy Ham Spread www.wifemomhouseohmy.comI’m not sure about your home but it seems every time I have served a ham in the past I end up with tons of leftover ham…I could say I was making a pig out of myself with the amount of leftovers but that would be a stupid joke. I do find it amazing that I can buy an 11 pound ham, 5 pounds less than the 16 pound turkey I bought for Thanksgiving, and, despite my family eating way more ham than they had turkey, I end up with a barrel load more ham. Good thing we like ham in our house!

As I said in my Holiday Leftovers post, one of my favorite leftover recipes is my family’s ham spread! It is YU-UM-MY!!! You can put it on bread for sandwiches, crackers as an appetizer or dip for chips! What makes it even better to me – all the ingredients are pretty much staples in my house and probably most pantries. For about 10 minutes worth of work I can get rid of leftovers, feed my family and make space in my fridge. A total win-win for me!


About 3 cups of leftover ham

1 cup minced green onions

2 large spoonful of light mayonnaise

Salt and pepper to taste

(Generally speaking, its 3 parts ham to 1 part green onion.)



  1. Chop up the leftover ham and mince in a food processor until you have about 3 cups of ham. Place in medium sized mixing bowl.
  2. Mince about 6 green onions (enough to make about 1 cup). Add to ham in medium bowl.
  3. Add 2 large spoonful to the ham and onion. Sprinkle salt and pepper in the bowl. Mix the ham, green onion, mayonnaise, salt and pepper until well combined.
  4. Serve as a dip or spread on rolls or bread and enjoy as a sandwich.


2 Responses to Leftover Ham? Turn It Into Yummy Ham Spread

  • I can attest that this is absolutely yummy. As an option, and if you’re not allergic, you can add a minced green pepper to the mix. Also, if you want to increase the amount of spread to make a bit more, you can add a ground up can of Spam…yes Spam, lol, and you will never notice it is there as far as taste, but you will extend the amount should you need a few more sandwiches for a larger crowd.

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