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The In Between of a Room Makeover www.wifemomhouseohmy.comBack in June I was excited to share about my upcoming living room makeover. I actually shared it in three posts. The first focused on inspiration, the second on what I look at when designing a room and the third focused on making it feasible financially. Even though I had a plan, we had a several personal hiccups that hit our timing of this much anticipated project. So it went back on the shelf for a while.

But I got an awesome surprise for Christmas, actually early Christmas presents. A great deal appeared on a couch that both my husband and I fell head over heels in love with. Originally, I was planning on reupholstering our current brown couch. But this new couch was a better fit for the room and was less costly than reupholstering the existing. So we snagged it. Living Spaces, which I happen to adore, was running a great sale and for an early Christmas present, I was given the green light to go ahead and get my absolute must have daybed and coffee table. And as another early Christmas present, my mom snagged a rug I fell in love with at Home Goods. So without much effort and as the best presents ever, phase two of our living room makeover was done. Out of order but I’m not going to complain.

But it got me thinking. We see a lot of BEFORE and AFTER makeover shots. But what about the in between the makeover. I know many people do their room redos all in one fail swoop but others, like in our case, have to spread it out. So how do you make that work? Here is my spin on the in between time of Before and After the Makeover.

What’s Saying See Yea and What’s Saying Welcome Home

Okay, so this is my corny way of saying you first decide what is staying and what is going. You would think this is simple, right? You bought something to replace something so its a simple exchange. Not always. Our living room makeover is a great example. Our brown couch was being replaced by our beautiful new modern tufted white couch – can you tell I love it? But it made more sense visually to keep the brown couch for now and get rid of the country couch and loveseat that were also ultimately slated to go. So ask yourself, of all the pieces leaving what piece or pieces look the least cohesive with the new piece or pieces? This will help keep the room looking as put together as possible during the makeover.

Do You Belong Here?

As it turned out, much of our items ultimately found their way to their forever home places in our living room. But a really good question to ask is, “Even though it won’t go here forever, where is the best place to put it now?” So the table and lamp may go next to the wingback in the long run but they look best by the couch for now.

Can Something Be Done to Make It Work

One of my favorite lines is from the show Project Runway by Tim Gunn, “Make It Work”. And that’s kind of my last tip. Can something be added to make it work in the meantime until your final reveal of your room makeover? My favorite trick is a throw or pillows or combination to mask the odd man out.

Another is to try to create symmetry with what exists. Our eyes like perceived symmetry. So while a combination of items might not look great, if arranged so it reads as symmetrical, the mind reads it as pleasing. A prime example is our current shelving. The TV Stand and two bookshelves don’t work together and don’t work in the room. BUT the symmetry of two tall elements flanking the smaller TV stand reads softer and therefore is pleasing to the eye. Its not perfect but it works.

Remember, these are not design tips to make a room the stellar reveal we all want. Rather they are to soften the under construction feel of a room in between the Before and After of its makeover.

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