Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Super Bowl Party PrepI’m super excited for tomorrow because I’m having a Super Bowl Party. But that means I have to be ready! So that means Super Bowl decor, Super Bowl appropriate menu, and Super Bowl fun games. With a little help with inspiration from fellow bloggers, I have all my Super Bowl items ready for tomorrow.

Super Bowl Decor

Decorating is one of my fave things to do and that is probably no surprise. So getting to decorate for Super Bowl is right up my alley. I have already grabbed some football shaped server patters from the DollarTree. I am making a “TOUCHDOWN” banner with my Cricut to go in front of my buffet for some fun. I’m swiping my son’s football and football stand as a center piece. And my high school days pompoms are going to make their way out of storage to go next to the football. I also snagged some basic football napkins at Party City to add a little festivity to the buffet. For a little fun, I am adding some clappers for fun cheering when the touchdowns happen!

Super Bowl Menu

I want to be enjoying the game and the commercials, not a slave in the kitchen. So I’m keeping my menu pretty simple and easy advance prep and cook type foods. Hot dogs remind me of stadium food and I can only imagine that there will be tons of hot dogs served at the Super Bowl. But I want my hot dogs to be a little bit different. They will be served on steamed buns after being grill and of course they will have tons of fixings including chili, cheese, relish, onions, ketchup, mustard and my personal favorite, celery salt.

Nothing screams Super Bowl to me than chili cheese nachos! Other than MEGA chili cheese nachos loaded with chili, cheese, diced tomatoes, green onion, black olives, and sour cream. And to go with these oh so health football foods I’m adding carne asada mini tacos with fresh cilantro, onion and tomatillo salsa. Since I’m grilling hot dogs, might as well grill the asada.

Lastly, I’ll be serving my family’s version of chex mix – we are talking a perfect blend of salty, savory and sweet. And for a little more sweet I found cute little mini chocolate footballs.

Super Bowl Fun

Super Bowl BingoI found a super cute idea for entertaining everyone on Just a Girl and Her Blog. I’m slightly altering her idea and making it my own but basically its Super Bowl Bingo. Since some of us enjoy the commercials better than the game, we will be using them as our playing spaces as well as common football words such as touchdown, fumble, 2 point conversion, first down, etc. As you either hear the word or phrase during the game or see the generic type of commercial, you mark the square. First to Super Bowl Bingo, wins.

I am Super Bowl ready and ready for Super fun!

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