Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

The other day I was meandering through my local Albertsons grocery store when inspiration hit – I so love when it comes out of nowhere! I saw these three adorably cute and soft Valentine’s Day teddy bears holding hearts. Each heart had a keyhole and a play on the saying “you have the key to my heart.” Well one did actually say that but now we are splitting hairs. The first one I saw actually said, “you hold the key to my kisses” and it was then that the light bulb went off!

Behind me was a Valentine’s Day bag of Hershey Kisses. The ideas was super simple and not too expensive. Have the bear hold a bag of kisses. Get it! Your special Valentine has the key to his kisses – chocolate kisses that is! Total cost was less than $15. The Valentine’s bear was $10 and the Valentine Hershey Kisses range on sale about $2 but regular price about $4. Plus, you could do similar for the other two bears for an awesome Valentine’s gift! Use Valentine’s Hershey Hugs for the Valentine’s bear that’s heart said, “you have the key to my hugs” and Brach’s Valentine’s Conversation Hearts for the Valentine’s bear whose heart read, “you have the key to my heart”.

I quickly put them together in the store and snapped some shots. Have pity on my photos here as they are not my best work but I was in the grocery store when I took them so what can I say. I would probably put him and his appropriate Valentine’s candy in a gift bag with tissue sticking out to hide him and his Valentine’s surprise. But just sticking the bag slightly under the heart held the candy really well so there really isn’t much putting together. As I said – Fun. Fast. Easy. And SUPER Cute Valentine’s Day gift idea that won’t break the bank. I think it would be perfect for almost anyone. A child would love it, girlfriends and wives a like and frankly, I think even men would find it as a fun and slightly goofy Valentine’s gift for them.

Fun, Fast, Easy and Super Cute Valentine’s Gift Idea that Won’t Break the Bank www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

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