Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

I was going to write about taxes and getting ready for filing tonight. But a family on going occurrence is on my mind and keeps invading my thoughts. Frankly, I’m frustrated and not sure what to do with my frustration. So I thought I would ask you what you do when your teenager has you ready to pull your hair out?

Our teenager is pushing us to our wits end and honestly I think my hair has doubled in gray (so time to get the roots covered) over the constant battles. I personally believe he has decided to avoid growing up by any means necessary and chooses to take an opposite position just to disagree and argue. And he throws his gauntlet down for everything – even when he is in the wrong. Sadly, though not our choice as parents, it seems that he has made the decision to live and learn his lessons the hard way. Its really hard to see as parents since you only want the best for your kids. That said, we also recognize that sometimes children do have to learn lessons on their own and as hard as it is, its our jobs to let them learn them and face the consequences.

That said, I’m reminded of Martina McBrides’ song, Teenage Daughters…except I want a song that says Teenage Sons. So what do you do when your teenager has you ready to commit to drinking a bottle of wine a day…since that is not a healthy option? What do you do to let go of your frustration?

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