Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Creative Curtain UsesOne of my favorite DIY things to do is to take one thing and turn it into another. One of the easiest is using curtains for upholstery on simple chairs.  A while back, I purchased some black out curtains for my son’s room. I bought an extra panel to reupholster his desk chair and, if enough curtain material leftover, to make a pillow for his bed.

The fabric added a nice touch of gray around his room and the geometric pattern read as masculine and more mature. The project itself was pretty simple for the reupholstering of the chair and involved no sewing. In fact, I didn’t even bother to take off the previous fabric.

Supplies Needed:

Material – In my case, blackout curtains

Staples – long enough to go through your fabric and into the wood base but not through the would base. I used 9/16″ staples for this project.

Staple Gun

Screw Driver


Putting it Together:

As I said, it was truly pretty simple. I removed the seat from the chair by unscrewing it from the base. Then, I laid my extra curtain panel face down on my carpet (as I was working in my hall), but any flat service will work. I put the seat face down on the fabric and cut around the chair seat leaving approximately 1 and 1/2 inches to 2 inches overlap. You need this to pull the material as well as to have something to secure to the chair seat. Otherwise, you might as well just lay a towel over it.

Then it was just a matter of stapling the fabric into place. I personally do this by stapling the left side middle of the chair. Then, I flip the chair seat over and align the pattern the way I want it on the chair – straight on the horizontal in this case – pull tight and then flip the chair over onto its face again. While still pulling tight from the right side middle, I secure the fabric into position with the staple gun. I continue to pull tightly as I staple around the perimeter of the left and right sides, alternating each side as I staple and alternating above or below the first staple I placed in the middle. By doing this, it ensures a tight fit but also helps to keep the fabric stay straight so your pattern does not shift too much.

I repeat this process on the top and bottom until all I have left is the corners. For the corners, I pull tightly and fold them like a package. The key is to keep pulling tightly and pushing the fold in deeper in the main fold until the top has no visible creases on the corner. You can see what I mean in the photos. Once this is achieved, I staple the corners’ folds in place on the backside. Then it is simply a matter of flipping it over and screwing the base back into place. As I promised a very simple project and a creative use for a curtain in my book.

I think it looks great in his room and the curtains pair well with it. Stay tune for a future post on a pillow from the curtains. But if you liked this and want a little bit more detail, be sure to check out my Temporary Dream Kitchen posts on my kitchen chairs and curtains. See you next post.

Here's the chair in my son's room with the curtains in place.

Here’s the chair in my son’s room with the curtains in place.


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