Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Easter Basket for Our Furry Children Our Pets www.wifemomhouseohmy.comLast year I shared some ideas for Easter Baskets for all ages but I left out one important set of family members – our pets! (Which is kind of silly considering one of my fur babies “helped” with last year’s Easter Basket post). I am one of those people who see their pets as family and am one of the many that keep Petco, Pet Smart and local pet boutiques in business. Our three furry children get birthday presents, Halloween goodies and costumes, Valentine’s toys, Christmas stockings and yes, Easter baskets.

And since my little fur children don’t read my blog – I know, shocked right? How disloyal?! 🙂 – I thought I would share this year’s Easter basket for our Yorkies. We found some super cute Easter toys that were made to mimic typical human Easter basket items at Pet Smart. They included a toy in an Easter egg, and a “chocolate” bunny toy. I threw in a bag of peanut butter and oatmeal treats to complete the basket. One tip, I removed all the wrapping and tags from the  “chocolate” bunnies and the shrink wrap from around the eggs before putting them in the basket. That way on Easter morning, there is nothing impeding our dogs from diving into their Easter basket and playing with their toys.

Easter Basket for Our Furry Children Our Pets Items www.wifemomhouseohmy.comAll in all the basket was pretty inexpensive to put together. Each toy was around $2 and the bag of goodies was around $6. So with 3 Yorkies (this includes my mother’s little Yorkie Bubba as he and his mother are temporarily staying with us and yes I have a dog for a sibling), that comes out to about $6 per dog. Total cost for 6 toys and bag of treats was $18 plus tax. I already owned the basket and filler so no added costs. I think it came out pretty cute and think they will love it! Oh, and if you see them, don’t tell, ok? Just kidding.

See you all next post!

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  • Just to clarify…our dogs are not at all spoiled, lol. BTW, the chocolate bunnies are stuffed toys, not he real thing since chocolate is not good for our furry friends.

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