Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Easter is just around the corner and in addition to my now annual tradition of brunch, decorating is a must in my book and is definitely something I LOVE! Here is my take on 2015 Easter Décor.

Of course I put up my Easter wreath from last year to start the festive mood.

The Final Product...not bad for $11.

The Final Product…not bad for $11.

Since we are spending most of our Easter in the dining room, it seems fitting to move there next. Believe it or not but I actually found many of these cute table décor items at the 99 Cent Store. It always amazes me what I can find there. The cute egg cutout placemats, the adorable dotted bunny plates, and cute mini bunny baskets with grass (These will hold individually wrapped homemade See’s inspired “Mayfair” chocolate eggs.) all came from there. The egg shaped letter ornaments spelling out “Serar” came straight from Wal-Mart at $0.98 a piece. I found the frog tea light candle holders at an antique store in our local mountains. The sunflower dip plate and bird serving accessories were all awesome finds at Home Goods this year. The Cynthia Rowley table runner was also from Home Goods but last year and was embroidered by a wonderful and talented seamstress, my mom. (I don’t sew…) The remaining items were all smart finds already in my possession.

Here is our Dinning Room all decked out for Easter

Here is our Dining Room all decked out for Easter

Moving into the living room, I scored even more at the 99 Cent Store – the banner for one and the animated bunny on the wall that greets me every morning as I come down stairs as another. In fact, he makes me smile and in my book, that is an awesome way to start your day! The lighted eggs are a bright and fun touch to the buffet. The little picket bunny baskets were also a 99 Cent Store find but the eggs were the same robin’s eggs that I made last year and used in my apothecary jar. The flowers were a spring flower mix and white carnation market bunch from Albertsons totaling $15 and I used the watering can from last year’s flower arrangement. And the rest were items I already had. And there you have it, our 2015 Easter Décor! What do you think?

Here is the Living Room Easter Decor

Here is the Living Room Easter Decor

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