Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

After Installing a New Energy Efficient Toilet www.wifemomhouseohymy.comSo we have slowly been updating and renovating our home. I constantly have to remind myself (and my husband) that it just doesn’t happen over night. We are in it for the long haul. Constantly looking for deals, rebates, planning and saving so that eventually our dream home will be a reality. One such recent purchase was an awesome deal on new energy efficient toilets!!!

Okay, I know that may not be the most exciting home improvement but it was exciting for my water bill and for our water saving efforts here in drought central California. And if you had my master bath toilet and upstairs guest bath toilet that I have as thrones, trust me, you would be excited too!!! Women out there will understand where I’m coming from, I want you to imagine for a moment as an adult woman forced to use a preschooler sized toilet…in height and bowl size…need I say more…get my excitement?

Our master bath toilet, besides the size, really needed a new ring and has definitely seen better days. So I got an email from Home Depot with their overstock clearance and noticed a cool energy efficient toilet reduced by 40%. So I clicked. When there, I noticed that the Water Company was offering rebates and for my area the rebate was $125 per toilet!!! So of course I bought 2. Total cost – approximately $55 each! Advice Item Number One: Check to see what sales are going weekly and if there are any manufacture, government or energy company rebates available. Also be sure to ask for price match because many stores will not only match but add additional percentages off.

Anyways…I previous talked about changing the wax ring in our downstairs bathroom (the only non munchkin size toilet in the house) so I will start with those steps already done. The first thing I always do when assembling something is to open up and make sure everything was there and in the case of a toilet, I also checked to make sure there was no cracks or chips or breaks. All go in that sense (no pun intended) but when I pulled everything out, something rather important and vital, especially to me as a woman, was missing. Apparently, some models do not come with them. What am I talking about…the toilet seat. Advice Item Number Two: Verify yours comes with a seat. If not or you don’t like the seat, make sure you buy a size appropriate and shape appropriate seat BEFORE you go to install.

Um...toilet seat anyone?

Um…toilet seat anyone?

At this point, the wax ring was in place and I was ready to put the bowl of the toilet in place. As with the changing of a wax ring, squash the bowl on to the wax ring, making sure the screws go through the holes on the toilet. Make sure its level and secure in place – one quarter turn past finger tight.

Bowl Installing a New Energy Efficient Toilet www.wifemomhouseohymy.com

Next is installing and attaching the tank to the bowl. Put the bowl in place and so the screws align. Using the enclosed tool, I screwed the nut up the thread. Make sure to alternate between each side. Like the bowl, its a turn until tighten one quarter past hand tight. *There is a lot of one quarter past hand tight turns. Any tighter could crack the tank or bowl. You will know its in the right position if it is tight, level and does not rock back and forth.

Secure the Tank Installing a New Energy Efficient Toilet www.wifemomhouseohymy.com

Getting the water back to the tank is the next priority. As with every other connection, I wanted it hand tight and then one quarter past. There are about three common types of connections for supply lines and the directions should help with each. I got lucky with the simple screw on. All the mechanism were in place. Others are little more complicated but not by much.

Supply Line Installing a New Energy Efficient Toilet www.wifemomhouseohymy.com

Speaking of all the mechanisms being in place, the tank had all the in workings in place. So at this point it was simply a matter of turning on the water and praying for no leaks. Success! No leaks…until the next day. I had a small drip that required a little more strength than I had. Advice Item Number Three: Sometimes you just need a little more muscle. My husband twisted the supply line further in to place. His hand tight is tighter than mine.

Tank Inside Installing an Energy Efficient Toilet www.wifemomhouseohymy.com

All done and, more importantly, all dry!!! Now, just to find a toilet seat….

After Installing a New Energy Efficient Toilet www.wifemomhouseohymy.com

Before Installing a New Energy Efficient Toilet www.wifemomhouseohymy.com

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