Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

If you have been following me, then you know I love food. I am a total foodie and adore cooking. In my old house, I had a small herb garden and adored it! It was so awesome to walk outside, clip my herbs and use them in whatever I was cooking. It was one of my favorite features until one super, incredibily, outrageously hot scorcher of a summer. All, every single one, of my herbs were fried. (Turn on the tears…I think I mourned for a week.)

Our new home had a yard that left a whole lot to be desired. Herb garden…that would have been the surprise of the century to find one in this yard. But I love fresh herbs. At St. Patrick’s Day, Albertsons had a cute pot with fresh thyme, mint, sage, oregano, and rosemary so, of course, it had to come home with me.

It’s been doing great. Nice and healthy but it was time for it to move outside. On the side of our house, there is this small patch of dirt that is the ONLY place in our yard that the sun doesn’t beat down on every daily light minute. Normal not a problem as many herbs like sun. But in southern Cali, the sun gets super hot and as my past experience has shown me, that will kill my herbs in a heartbeat. So the little patch of dirt was the only spot that would work for my herbs. I talked with my hubby, who gave the all clear. (We made a deal that we would work on the design, inside and out, of our home together but he had final say over outside and I had final say on the inside should we disagree.)

Love my awesome present!

Love my awesome present!

The next day, he called me outside and showed me the coolest surprise ever. He had gone out and bought me an entire herb collection, potting soil and everything else I needed to have my very own herb garden! Best present ever! So the other day, I got a nice little sunburn on my shoulders and cheeks, but I also got to plant my herb garden! So can’t wait to start using them. I also added super cute herb labels that I made with large tongue depressors, Sharpie and acrylic paint.

Here is what I have: Chocolate Mint, Fern Leaf Dill (my personal favorite), Pineapple Sage (can’t wait to find out what to use that for), Sweet Basil, Rosemary, Flatleaf Italian Parsley (had a wonderful salad made of just Flatleaf Italian Parsley, pancetta, and Gorgonzola at our wedding…yummy), Cinnamon Basil, Spearmint, White Sage, Oregano, and Thyme.

As you can see, there is an open space in the front. I am saving that open spot for some ornamental garlic. Since I am allergic to garlic, it will make a great substitute for all my garlic recipes. Again, best present ever and one awesome surprise.



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