Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

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Perhaps we are not so different after all.

I had a recent encounter with my husband that made me think perhaps men and women are not so different as Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus says we are. We seem to have a challenging time with tires in my family. Mom’s Prius goes through a set a year. I had a flat that needed replacing only to discover I needed a second. Similarly, my husband had a flat in his tire that needed fixing. America’s Tires graciously fixes them for free with Roadside, which given our luck with nails is a must. Oh how I wish it was that simple. I got a call that all four tires were wearing thin, that the tire that needed the repair could be fixed but the front passenger side had a nail (see told you…a must) but the tread was below the legal limit so they could not replace it. They recommended, and I agreed, that given the wear on all four tires to replace them all.

Now replacing my car’s tires is around $100 a tire including warranty and is truly a good deal for their lifespan. Mom’s Prius a little bit more. Hubby’s tires – even the cheapest are around $200 per tire. Now this is where the fun begins. The following is the conversation that took place over several days – the abridged version:

Me: “We need four new tires. Cheapest out the door is $695 and they come with a 40,000 warranty.”

Hubby: “Okay…but what type of tread do they have? Are they stock? Are they all-terrain?”

Me: “They are tires. They are the cheapest. They come with a warranty. The previous set didn’t and are more money.”

Hubby: “I don’t know. I need to see them.”

Me: “Why? They are tires.”

Hubby: “Well, they have to look good. They can’t be scrawny on my SUV. And I need to see the tread. All tires are not the same.”

Me: “But they are just tires.”

It was in that moment that I remembered the Fab Shoes commercial.

He says you have too many Just Fab shoes. Maybe he’s right. How many pairs of shoes does one girl need? But their not just shoes. Their boots, booties, heels, flats! He says, but do you really need so many in blue? But their not blue. Their teal, cobalt, navy, periwinkle. You don’t have periwinkle. You need periwinkle.

Tires (and tools as it turns out) are to men as shoes are to women. I have the perfect response the next time my hubby says, “Do you really need another pair of shoes?” – I don’t have All-Terrain Winter tires with a 20 inch rim. I need All-Terrain Winter tires with a 20 inch rim.

Feel free to use on your hubby or boyfriend too!

Until next post!

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