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Creative Curtains Creative Curtains: Shower Curtains as Wall Curtains...Really! www.wifemomhouseohmy.comI love taking things that are designed for one thing and using them for a completely different purpose. Old cashew containers for storage jars. Shoe boxes for filing greeting cards and thank you notes. Wall curtains for upholstery of desk chairs and kitchen chairs. And my latest…shower curtains for wall curtains.

So I have the worst lighting in my office. Either the sun is beaming in to a painful bright eye level or its a sad shade of darkness. I happen to have a wonderful lamp that illuminates perfect natural light when its dark and a task lamp or two for some to the point bright spots. But any time between 10 am and 4 pm and sunlight just pours into my office window…especially in the summer. (Also use to add to the heat level pre new energy efficient windows). Curtains became a must.

When I looked high and low for curtains for my previous office, it had become a drawn out never ending search for cost effect, design appropriate and eye pleasing coverings. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted until one day at Target. I happened to have found the perfect pattern for my design aesthetic of my office and at a jaw dropping rate of $9 a panel (clearance – a momma’s budget’s best friend). And they had three, which was the exact amount I needed…only problem. They were not wall curtains. They were this amazing toile black and white pattern with a nautically black and white striping at the top. No biggie. I wasn’t planning on using tabbed curtains anyways. So I add some clip-on brushed nickel rings and they worked perfectly.

Shift to my current office. While they still match the design aesthetic of my new office, there was a different problem. For my new windows, my curtains were short. Not just an inch or two short. We are talking most definitely noticeable 7 inches short!  I am not the biggest fan of short curtains when there is not something in front of them – like an overpowering desk or such. So cutting them was not an option. Plus, I have this long and in your face eyesore telecommunications cord running down the one wall, around the next and back behind my desk. Long curtains would go a mile or more to cover the white cable.

Solution: Simple. Add more to the curtains. I happen to only have one window in this office and with the leftover panel, inspiration struck. I’d cut, sew and hem the extra third panel to extend the two panels I was using! As I wanted it to blend and not look like a hack job with a seem between the extension and the original panel, I added an identical larger version of the black ribbon at the top of the curtain over the seam line. Not too heavy but looks like it was apart of the original design. Best part, my curtains are now the exact height they needed to be. Total cost for this redo was a spool of thread and 3 yards of ribbon = $5 and change and some labor!

Creative Curtains Before www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Here’s a simple how to:

Measure from the  base of the curtain that is hanging up to the floor. You want to make sure the curtain is hung in the position you want it so you get the exact measurement. Add a half inch seam allowance on both sides of the material. In my case, the gap was 7 inches so I needed 8 inches of material.

Measuring from the straight bottom edge, cut your shower curtain – 8 inches in my case. Fold and pin both cut ends a 1/2 inch down to create two new hems. Sew the new hems. You need to have the two hems – one for the visible hem at the bottom and the other so the two materials line up evenly under the ribbon.

Creative Curtains Cut www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Butt the top hem of the new panel against the existing panel at the bottom hem. Using an interlocking type stick (varies depending on machine), sew the two panels together. Because the seam will be covered by a ribbon, there is no need to worry about matching patterns.

Creative Curtains Attach www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Cut the ribbon so it is a 1/2 inch longer than the length of the shower curtain to create a fold over. The end should wrap from around the front, over the side hem and onto the back, where it will ultimately be stitched down. Pin the ribbon so the ribbon lays flat on top of the connected panel, covering the seam line.

Creative Curtains Ribbon www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Sew the ribbon on to the curtain, sewing each side down with a simple stitch. Sew the side hem to secure the ribbon in place. Hang them up and enjoy!

Creative Curtains After www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Not bad in my book…even if my lighting gives me bad photos of them.

Until next post!


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