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This is Thaddeus T. Toad. My husband won him for me at Disneyland on one of our first dates.

This is Thaddeus T. Toad. My husband won him for me at Disneyland on one of our first dates.

When my husband and I first started dating, we made the crazy decision to go to Disneyland on New Year’s Eve and ring in the New Year! It was unreal crowded but totally awesome. At the same time, we opted to get the So Cal Select Disneyland passes (which were way cheaper than they are now). We did so thinking that it might prove to be a good get away that, with the pass mind you, would not be too expense. What we found was how awesome a “date destination” it was.

During that year, we discovered just how amazing a season pass could be for dating! The season passes allowed us the freedom to go pretty much any time we wanted. We could randomly head out on a Wednesday night and spend a couple of hours meandering the park if we wanted. Or since he had Friday afternoons off, we often went and enjoyed the afternoon, stayed through fireworks, grabbed a coffee and headed home. We really didn’t have to rush anywhere because we had all year to come and enjoy. As a result, it let us really enjoy each other and the time we had together.

What was nice, especially with Disneyland and California Adventures, were there upper scale dining options. We enjoyed a romantic dinner for Valentine’s at the Blue Bayou restaurant. We enjoyed dinner at their Tuscan Villa restaurant for a anniversary dinner. And I was even able to manage a dinner at the exclusive Club 33 – Walt Disney’s old hideaway decorated by his wife – that is above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. (Still one of our best memories!)

It's a Bug's Life 4-D experience at Disney's California Adventure

It’s a Bug’s Life 4-D experience at Disney’s California Adventure

We enjoyed the freedom and fun that season passes offered for date night so much, that we opted to do so with other local parks. One year we did Knott’s Berry Farm – our son wanted passes but it turned out to be a fun get away for just the two of us. The following year we opted for SeaWorld passes. Again, we had just as much fun as a family but it gave us something to do and get away for just the two of us. Plus at SeaWorld, I could just sit and watch my beloved beluga whales all day long…especially Pearl who had just been born.

We had kind of gotten away from season passes in the last few years. Life has been busy and had other priorities both with time and money. But a recent surgery my husband had was in San Diego. It required us to stay overnight the night before. With no plans and not wanting to fret over the surgery, we decided to head to SeaWorld (they were open late or it would have been the zoo this time as I love both). Season passes were the same as the day and with a AAA discount, they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. But it sparked memories and we have already started planning date nights between now and the end of the year…and I still get to sit and watch my beloved belugas – now with two babies!

Soak zone at SeaWorld Blue Horizon Show.

Soak zone at SeaWorld Blue Horizon Show.

What’s pretty cool these days is there are tons of theme parks and amusement parks around. I know we are pretty lucky here in So Cal. We have Universal, Disneyland, Six Flags, SeaWorld, The Wild Animal Park and both the LA and San Diego Zoos within a 2 hour radius. But for many people out there, odds are there is a theme park or zoo or waterpark or aquarium or amusement park within a reasonable drive. Most offer pretty decent annual passes. I’d encourage you to give season passes a try for dating your husband. Its pretty cost effective and there is always something new or fun to see or do, especially around the holidays.

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