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My Adventures in Upholstery Adding Finish Fabrics www.wifemomhouseohmy.comIt’s starting to look pretty now. It’s hard to believe I’m finally getting to add fabric to my chair. It’s been a slow process but it has all been worth it. Adding finish fabric has been the best feeling ever! It’s like starting to get the wonderful feeling of accomplishment, of being on the road to done.

The nice thing about adding finish fabric is for the most part, it is pretty much like the way you added the muslin fabric. I started by adding some extra cushioning with a layer of plush dacron. It’s this web like mesh fabric with a lot of bounce. Then like before, I fitted and pulled the finish fabric until tight, making sure to tack it in place. Once done, I stapled the fabric down. For now, I left the excess fabric in place.

My Adventures in Upholstery Putting the seat on www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Next was the arms. I added a layer of dacron for each arm. And just as with the seat, I pulled and stretched, tacking as I went. And using the same technique as with the muslin, I pleated the arms. The only difference was on the finish fabric, I added a side pleat on the outer edge. It’s important to make sure there is some overlapping fabric at the edges so there will be no uncovered and exposed edges.

My Advntures in Upholstery Adding the Finished Arms www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

Speaking of edges, once all of them were stapled in place, it was time to lower the muslin that had been temporarily sewn on to the burlap. Keeping it tight, I stapled it in place. This gave me such a feeling of satisfaction as it was a sign that the plumber’s tape had not beaten me…did I mention how much I hate plumber’s tape.

The last step was more a precautionary step. Instead of cutting at the edge of the staples on the finish fabrics, it’s best to leave an emergency pull. For any reason you had to undo something this one to one and half inch length of fabric allows you to pull and stretch. Not having the emergency pull makes it that more difficult. Once the fabric was cut to an inch-ish of salvage, I stapled it up into the sides of the chair. Since another piece of fabric will hang in front, it won’t make any difference. However, where there was not a good hiding place, I did trim the bulk – such as the arms fronts (see above photo) and the pulls at the connection for the arm, base and side. Since these areas are flush, any excess material would just be a bulky wad of fabric mess.

My Adventures in Upholstery Adding the Emergency Pull www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

With arms done and the seat done, it’s time to move on to the inserts on the arms, the band at the front and the channels in the inside back of the chair. Coming along. Can’t wait to share when it’s all done.

Until next post!

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