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Aquasana Drinking Water Filter 3-stage Under Counter System Product ReviewI will confess I am a water snob. I come by it honestly. But I am a water snob. I grew up with a well that provide the most refreshing and best tasting water I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. Our well is definitely one of the things I miss most, even to this day, after moving from North Carolina. Bottle waters really didn’t compare. The only exception is Fiji water, which is pretty darn close and pretty darn expensive for daily consumption. City provided water just doesn’t work for me. I taste metallics and often a processed flavor to it. It worked for cooking and cleaning but not for drinking. What…I said I was a water snob.

For years, I lived off of Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water, which was a good substitute. Then my husband and I bought our new home. The previous owners had installed a reverse osmosis water filtration system. It worked fairly decently but after a single glass, it puckered out. Then it went to a half a glass. In the end, it took about 10 minutes to get a single glass of water. On one of several visits from our local plumber (another story for another post), I had him check out our system to see what was wrong.

Great plumber but he sadly informed us that he did not work on reverse osmosis systems as they are incredibly complicated and almost always cause problems. Additionally, he shared that when they purify the water, they waste as much as they make…in case you were not aware, California is in one of the worst droughts so wasting water was not an option.

aq-5300_55_360aI’d like to say I was the one who found my new Aquasana Drinking Water Filter 3-stage Under Counter system but I wasn’t. Gotta love moms as no matter your age, they always are looking out for you. Mine heard about our water filter situation and found the Aquasana. First and foremost, it was not a reverse osmosis system. As I said, we are in a drought and we do take great efforts to reduce and minimize our water use. Equally important, our plumber would then install it.

Second, it was cost effective. It typically retailed around $285 as compared to other systems that cost double and even triple the price. We happen to spot the three filter system on sale for about $170. Additionally, the filters last about 6 months (600 gallons of water) and are equally cost effective. They are about $65 for the set of three from Aquasana but I have seen them for less in various other places.

My next favorite part was the ease of installation and of changing the filters. I’ll admit we let the plumber install it but he was done in less than 30 minutes and said we could have done it ourselves. And he’s right – we could have. He walked me through what he did and it really wasn’t rocket science. As for the filters, as long as you can see color you are good to go. They simply screw in and out like a lid on a jar and you match color to color. Red to red. Yellow to yellow and black to black.

aq-5300_360cNow for taste. If you try to drink it right away, you’ll get a really nasty flavor. I speak from experience. I was anxious to find out how it tasted. After my snafu, I read the manual. After flushing the line and clearing out the filters, the water tasted awesome. (I used the “flushed” water to hydrate my plants and herbs.) It is still not my well water but its just as good, if not better, than the Arrowhead Mountain Springs water and a pretty close second to Fiji water. All in all, I am more than pleased with my Aquasana Drinking Water Filter 3-stage Under Counter System.

Just as a cool side note, it comes with an included faucet that with three color finishes to choose from. Brushed nickel, chrome and oil rubbed bronze. I was able to match my faucet system’s brush nickel finish AND lucky enough to correspond perfectly with the style. In my case, the faucet and handle on my kitchen sink faucet were very similar in shape and faucet style.

If you are looking for a water filtration system or are just in need of good tasting water, I’d highly recommend the Aquasana Drinking Water Filter 3-stage Under Counter system.

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***Disclaimer: I am not compensated in any manner by Aquasana or its affiliates. The above review is my opinion and to be used just as that – one woman’s opinion designed to provide my take on the Aquasana Drinking Water Filter 3-stage Under Counter system.

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