Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Us and Tmobile Sticking Together www.wifemomhouseohmy.comI am so not sure why I have never done this post before! I am a huge fan and long time customer (over a decade) of T-Mobile. And this week reinforced why.

I have had so many wonderful customer service experiences with T-Mobile that alone would keep me as a customer. But, I actually pay way less than any other major carrier! But this week solidified both of these “keep me loyal forever” points.

First, my step-daughter has been trying to purchase a car since her old blue baby died. But in order to help this process along, we sat down, looked at her budget and tried to determine places where she could either cut expenses or increase income. One way I saw instantly was her cellphone bill.

The other day she text me about switching from Verizon to T-Mobile. Her Verizon bill came in and for unlimited talk, text and 5G of data, she was shocked with a $150+ bill. No joke. She had also paid $200 down for her new iPhone and another $100 for a phone case with only a one year warranty since Verizon’s insurance was expensive and not all inclusive.

We went to her local area T-Mobile store and met Amanda, who was just as awesome in the customer service department as I have always had with T-Mobile. They paid off her deactivation fee with Verizon, provided she purchased a phone. Now, given that my step-daughter just bought a new iPhone, this may sound like a bad deal but not really. She paid $200 for her phone and her deactivation fee was over $300. But, she got credit for her phone as a trade. Basically, she ended up being money ahead – $257 a head.

Then there were the plan savings. The most expensive plan included unlimited text, talk and 10G of data and cost $80. Quick note on their data plans – they are really unlimited since you aren’t charged more for going over, it just slows down. I’ve never had an issue when it slows down. Ultimately she decided on a 3G plan with a base price of $60.

JUMP_Logo_White_BackgroundAs I mentioned, it did require her to get a phone. She could either purchase a phone or lease a phone. She does like new technology so lease would be the route I would suggest she go but when it cost less per month than purchase, leasing was a no brainer. For $15 a month, she gets a brand new iPhone 6 and can change her phone three times a year, say for a new iPhone 6s in coming out in less than 2 months from now.

Next, we added insurance for $7.99 a month. Oh and it covers everything – cracked screen, damaged body, malfunctions, etc. So if you are doing the math, that $60 for the plan, $15 for the lease, $7.99 for insurance and fees (taxes and government regulation fees) that come out to just shy of $91. It equated to a monthly savings of $59. Over the life of her two year Verizon contract, she will save just over $1,400! Total out the door costs for switching, new phone, glass fracture screen and cover – $5.53. Not bad in my book!

Now my family all needed, well some of us wanted, new phones. With the announcement of the new Samsung Note 5, we decided it was time to go in. We left with a new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus on lease that we could change three times a year, a new Samsung Note 4 purchased (my hubby does not change his phone a lot) and having traded in my son’s cheap Prism so he could have my old (and good condition) Samsung Galaxy 3. And with new phones, all four lines with unlimited talk, text and web of 7G with hotspots, you would think our phone bill would be through the roof. But each line, all fees and insurance included, is only $55.25.

As I said, I love T-Mobile for their customer service and their prices. Their service area has been phenomenal. I never have drop calls and very, very, very few areas where service is a challenge. If you are looking for savings, great cell coverage and awesome customer service, then give T-Mobile a call and check it out for yourself.




Disclaimer: I am not compensated by T-Mobile or it’s affiliates. The above are my own thoughts and opinions based on my experiences. While I feel you will have a similar experience, each person’s experience is their own. However, for another perspective, check out Crystal Washington’s article on gaining customer loyalty.

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