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Project Organization: Bulletin Board Updatewww.wifemomhouseohmy.comNot so long ago I got it into my head that I wanted to update my office. There are a lot of projects that I am working on. But one that was fast and easy to get done was my fabric covered bulletin board. I started with a previous DIY bulletin board I’d made a few years ago, added fabric and had a new fabulous bulletin board.

The original DIY bulletin board started with an old frame that’s glass had broken and got a paint up grade in a beautiful matte black finish. I took the core of a corkboard I got for free at my previous 9-5 job and cut it to size to fit the large picture frame. It worked perfectly and still did when I decided it needed a face lift.

The project was simple enough. First, I found some decorative burlap, in this case a white cream with a modern gold floral print. I chose burlap since it already had a wider weave of threads and the tacks wouldn’t leave holes in my fabric. The gold will be a perfect accent to go with the updating of the office.

Next, I popped the corkboard out of the back of the frame. I laid it onto top of the wrong side (non-decorative) of the burlap, making sure to keep the design straight. Since I wanted to preserve the fabric in case I choose to change it later or use it elsewhere, I folded it over the edges and began to staple it to the back of the corkboard using the same method for stapling as I used in my son’s desk chair reupholstering project.  Believe it or not, I used a basic office stapler with basic office sized staples – nothing fancy. The only thing I made sure of was to use a stapler that opened flat so I could staple directly in to the corkboard.

Lastly, I reinserted the covered corkboard into the black frame and closed the hooks. I placed it on my wall and took a good look at my DIY handy work. Not bad for a DIY bulletin board upgrade. I love the black frame and how its matte finish plays well with the contrasting white cream and sheen of the gold pattern. All in all, I love the bulletin board and even more so that the whole project only took about 15 minutes start to finish. Total cost was $3.99 for one yard of burlap. Everything else I got for free or already had. Not bad in my book! Plus it keeps my ongoing project organization on track.

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