Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Fast Taco Steak SaladSometimes you just have to work with what you have and the time you have. Such was the case not too many days ago. Salads are kind of a go to meal for me. You can pretty much pull whatever you have in your pantry and veggie drawer and throw a salad together. To add some protein, cashews, walnuts, shredded chicken or steak strips are great options and often interchangeable.

Its also a great way to not waste food – a personal pet peeve of mine – and in the case of my no time, need a meal fast dilemma, I took the opportunity to use up some almost ready to be tossed but still great veggies. I had romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, carrots and a cucumber that had to be used that day. (I’m having a super hard time keeping my cucumbers fresh for more than a day. Thinking its the heat!) Plus, I had a steak that I purchased the day before sitting in the fridge that I wanted to use. So my fast taco steak salad was born.

I’m usually not the biggest Mexican food fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love some awesome enchiladas, especially enchiladas suiza, a great potato taco and can’t pass up a carne asada street taco. But it’s not my go to. For some reason, taco salad sounded awesome. Okay, you add sour cream, nacho tortilla chips, and black olives, I’m pretty much game to try it. So hear is another Chopped style inspired recipe.


1 large steak – skirt steak, New York strip, etc.

1 carrot – sliced thinly

one pint – grape tomatoes sliced in half

1 cucumber – quartered and sliced

1 cup finely shredded Mexican cheese blend

1 cup sliced black olives

3 green onions – chopped

1 head romaine lettuce

homemade or store bought salsa

homemade or store bought sour cream

2 cups crumbled nacho cheese chips

Putting It All Together:

1. Cook your steak until cooked to medium. Let rest and slice. Set aside to go on top of the salad.

2. In a large bowl, mix romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, black olives and green onion.

3. If you have the time, make fresh sour cream and fresh salsa. If not, store bought is ok.

4. Serve the salad mix on individual plates. Top each with first pieces of steak, followed by shredded Mexican cheese blend, then salsa, and sour cream. Lastly, top with nacho cheese crumbles and serve.

As I said, fast, easy and simply pulling from your pantry with a little inspiration. Have to say, it was definitely a hit with my family and I hope it will be with yours! Let me know if you try it out. Tweak it or follow the recipe, I’d love to know what you thought!

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