Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Dating Your Husband Long Beach's Festival of the Arts www.wifemomhouseohmy.comI have to admit I love the opportunities that Southern California offers. One such opportunity arose at a golf tournament my husband was attending for work. He won tickets to the Long Beach Festival of the Arts. I love art and getting to go to the festival for free was an awesome opportunity to get to see local artists and their latest works. It was right up our alley. Date nights that are low cost are even farther on my top priority list and frankly should be on any money conscious couple’s list. When something fun and exciting comes up for free, pairing it with an inexpensive extras makes for a unique and fun date night.

In our case, my husband gets off work at 11:30am on Fridays, which usually gives us the option of a date afternoon or evening. Long Beach is a little bit of a drive for us so, we opted for an afternoon date that if it happened to go into the evening, not such a big deal. We planned in advance and snaked out some inexpensive parking that was close to the downtown beach front and the festival for easy walking access to both. “Linner” came first. Only challenge – about 90 plus degrees at the beach with no AC in any traditional restaurant. Add that to no breeze, and you had a recipe for one melted Danielle. (So I don’t do heat well to begin with but I currently take this one medicine that totally screws up my cooling system so at 90 degrees I was one melting, melting, melting girl.)

Christopher Jeffries

Artist: Christopher Jeffries

But we did find a fun joint to enjoy lunch at that happily did have AC and inexpensive seafood. Fun conversation, yummy Southern pulled pork sandwich and lump crab and avocado salad made for a delicious and enjoyable lunch. The view was awesome and the location, even though it was chosen strictly for the AC, was a great choice.

I have to admit, I did come slightly prepared as I packed a mini fan that made the walk to the festival tolerable. Plus, I got to do a little window shopping on the walk back. What can I say, I’m a sucker for some cute beachwear and creative crafts.

At the festival, my husband and I loved the innovation that the featured artists exhibited. There were beautiful creations in every genre of art. My personal favorite has always been jewelry.  But I was super impressed with the other mediums that were used. There was traditional oil paintings, photography, sculpture and water colors. There was cool sandblasted blown glass shaped to look like river pebbles. There were sculptures and portraits made of screws. I think what I enjoyed most of all was seeing what my husband enjoyed. It was wonderful insight into each other – both the similarities and the differences.

Andrew Myers

Artist: Andrew Myers

Personally my favorites included Christopher Jeffries whose work with sandblasted glass and shaped into 3-D glass pebbles was an installation I so wanted on my dining room wall. Not so sure how much my husband enjoyed the work of art but I definitely was committed. One we could definitely agreed on was the work of Andrew Myers. He did these amazing installations using screws at different depths and then painted the faces of the screws with well faces. Up close you may or may not be able to see the detail but stepping back, you got the full beauty of the work.

All in all the evening was inexpensive, educational from an artistic standpoint, and a fun date night together.

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