Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Mom and IHi! I’m still here. I haven’t fallen off the earth. Promise. It’s been a bumpy last several months. My family has been through one amazing roller coaster of some major ups and downs. Just when we think we have things under control something else came up. I kind of feel like a broken record. 2016 has definitely been a year walked in faith and trust.

The last time we spoke I shared my mom’s poor mold situation. I am happy to say that it has finally resolved itself after becoming a legal matter. She was vindicated and good thing too. Literally the day that the sale back to the flippers closed, she was hit with some extremely challenging health news. If your reading this, your positive prayers would be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow we find out what we are facing.

I also shared my aunt’s health situation. Wish I could say she was all better and back home with her husband. She has improved but it has been a constant back and forth battle. She has been in and out of the hospital I can’t even count how many times since March. Even this last week she was back in with an elevated blood count. Again, positive prayers would be greatly appreciated.

It’s not been all bad news. My stepson graduated high school this year! And he is headed off to college. We had an awesome Congratulations Graduation and Off to College party that I planned. He leaves for his dorms next weekend and will be 400 miles away. It’s gonna be a HUGE learning curve and growth experience for him. So I’m sure you can imagine it’s been a process getting loans in place, dealing with the huge list of things to get, getting him prepared and the fun of parent orientation – really it was fun!

Graduation PartyMy stepson going off to college is not the only big change in our future. My husband was offered a job he just couldn’t refuse. It was an amazing opportunity for him and one that opens so many new paths for him. I am so proud of him but it means big changes for our family. We are actually packing up and moving 400 miles just outside of Sacramento. He has lived in So Cal his whole and I’ve called it home for over 20 years. We have much of our family and friends here. It’s a new adventure and came with other changes, fun adventures and some interesting challenges…ones I look forward to sharing my experience with you all in future posts. I see something like “What Not To Do…”

We have been purchasing a home from 400 miles away…yeah not so simple. It’s meant multiple trips up to Sacramento and some really long weekends and weekdays of house hunting. I think in one weekend between our own hunt and working with our realtor we saw about 30 plus homes. No joke! Once we found THE one, it meant coordinating inspections, sign offs, walk-throughs and everything else involved in closing a home sale. But it’s done. We own an awesome new home! Exciting! I see new design posts in the future!

Hubby and IWe also were selling our own home down here. Still in process but as anyone who has sold a home knows, it’s a process. Once you declutter, then it’s a matter of keeping it constantly clean. There is no cooking because you don’t want to mess anything up or there is a showing. Plays havoc with healthy eating goals as you maneuver menus. It’s been an interesting journey. I’m seeing some sharing coming the blog’s way. I have learned a lot in this process that is definitely worth passing on.

Oh did I mention, I’m still trying to run my businesses, do normal day to day things and have some kind of life…phew! It’s been busy.

But I’m coming back. I’m here and so is Wife, Mom, House…Oh My. I might be over my head but I’m gonna keep going. See you next post!

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