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Emergency Preparedness

Break-ins, Burglary and Theft What To Do Before and If There Is An After www.wifemomhouseohmy.comRecently a good family friend came home from a week vacation to find the door to her house wide open. For anyone who has been the victim of a burglary, you know that sense of deep sinking dread and anxiety when you realize that you have been violated. What was waiting for her was a disaster – both on the… Continue reading

Hot Topics for Emergency PreparednessIt’s seems this month has been plagued with crisis after drama this month. I find it ironic in the month I am trying to focus on emergency preparedness that I have been side-railed by my own personal emergencies. But I am at the end of my series on emergency preparedness. I hope you and your families have found it beneficial… Continue reading

Emergency Preparedness: Simple Getting Started Tips www.wifemomhouseohmy.comI have covered so many things focused on the essentials of being prepared for emergencies as well as being ready to evacuate. However, there are some tips that just don’t fit in those two categories. In doing my research I found a variety of different little and simple things you can do to get prepared in advance of an emergency… Continue reading

Sometimes emergencies dictate bugging out.

Sometimes emergencies dictate bugging out.

So this would have gone live yesterday BUT I have been dealing with a computer that decided to freak out yesterday and continued its meltdown today. I so sense a post coming from this experience…Emergency Preparedness: When Life Ends Because the Computer Freaks…okay maybe not that but definitely on what happened and how to handle… Continue reading

I have been enjoying getting myself prepared for life’s little emergencies, you know those that are about 72 hours or less in length. And this series has definitely gotten my butt in gear on getting it done. It’s a slow process but the key is it is getting done. However, there certain scenarios where the 72 hour kit won’t do.… Continue reading

Here is one by AAA that I found at target for about $30

Here is one by AAA that I found at target for about $30

I am extremely glad to say that we survived our rainstorm here, though it did have one harrowing moment when a tornado warning (extremely rare for So Cal) came through on my phone at 3:30am. It did end in comedy with me saying a sentence to my… Continue reading

The 72 Hour Emergency KitAs I mention in my post What Would You Do in an Emergeny Situation? Are Your Prepared? back in January, rain can be just deadly in Southern California as fire and earthquakes. As it turns out after years of drought, we are on the verge of getting more rain from one storm than we have had in over two years.… Continue reading

I am pretty sure that any parent of a boy, especially one in sports has one of the best stocked medicine cabinets. Its seems like injury and boy are synonymous with one another. However, rarely do medicine cabinets do the best good in emergency or evacuation situations. And they don’t do much good at all if you… Continue reading

Hopefully you have started your emergency binder and are finding the free downloads and tips from Emergency Preparedness: The Emergency Binder helpful. But something just as simple to come up with and equally important is to develop an evacuation plan. The good thing about this is that nothing has to be purchased…you just have to find the time, rather make… Continue reading

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