Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?


My chairs are progressing, albeit, not as fast as I would like. They are continuing on and finishing their foundational elements, which is what today’s post features.

If you will remember from the latest My Adventures is Upholstery post, I added the extra twine binding to the springs and burlap to make one solid moving base. An absolute necessity… Continue reading

If you have been following me, then you know I love food. I am a total foodie and adore cooking. In my old house, I had a small herb garden and adored it! It was so awesome to walk outside, clip my herbs and use them in whatever I was cooking. It was one of my favorite features until one… Continue reading

After Installing a New Energy Efficient Toilet www.wifemomhouseohymy.comSo we have slowly been updating and renovating our home. I constantly have to remind myself (and my husband) that it just doesn’t happen over night. We are in it for the long haul. Constantly looking for deals, rebates, planning and saving so that eventually our dream home will be a reality. One such recent purchase was an awesome… Continue reading

Well, with the deconstruction over and the chair repaired, its time to start putting it back together. Step one of putting it back together was to refinish the exposed wood areas. Given the state of both the legs and the upper frame, I figured that re-staining was not the best option. Plus, I wanted to carry the gray of the… Continue reading

Easter is just around the corner and in addition to my now annual tradition of brunch, decorating is a must in my book and is definitely something I LOVE! Here is my take on 2015 Easter Décor.

Of course I put up my Easter wreath from last year to start the festive mood.

The Final Product...not bad for $11.

The Final Product…not bad for $11.

Since… Continue reading


The Break www.wifemomhouseohmy.comSo if you have been following my series on my adventures in upholstery, then you know I had this crazy idea to reupholster three chairs that are currently slated to go into my living room remodel – two garage sale finds for a whopping $12 for the pair and my husband’s old wingback. Besides refusing to being beaten by… Continue reading

Break-ins, Burglary and Theft What To Do Before and If There Is An After www.wifemomhouseohmy.comRecently a good family friend came home from a week vacation to find the door to her house wide open. For anyone who has been the victim of a burglary, you know that sense of deep sinking dread and anxiety when you realize that you have been violated. What was waiting for her was a disaster – both on the… Continue reading

Creative Curtain UsesOne of my favorite DIY things to do is to take one thing and turn it into another. One of the easiest is using curtains for upholstery on simple chairs.  A while back, I purchased some black out curtains for my son’s room. I bought an extra panel to reupholster his desk chair and, if enough curtain material leftover,… Continue reading

Here is the before.

Here is the before.

In my on-going adventures in upholstery, I am so glad to say I moved beyond my confidence destroying apron and on to destruction…well really more like out with the old fabric. This was a perfect way to vent frustration. The whole process of removing the old fabric (I hate staples right now) took about 12 hours… Continue reading

My yard sale finds have definitely seen better days

My yard sale finds have definitely seen better days

So I have these two awesome yard sale find chairs. They are gross by useable standards but the bones are amazing! One is a tufted curved back and the other is a traditional wingback. Total price for both chairs – $12. Great price but only if I could reupholster them.

I… Continue reading

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