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Break-ins, Burglary and Theft What To Do Before and If There Is An After www.wifemomhouseohmy.comRecently a good family friend came home from a week vacation to find the door to her house wide open. For anyone who has been the victim of a burglary, you know that sense of deep sinking dread and anxiety when you realize that you have been violated. What was waiting for her was a disaster – both on the… Continue reading

Creative Curtain UsesOne of my favorite DIY things to do is to take one thing and turn it into another. One of the easiest is using curtains for upholstery on simple chairs.  A while back, I purchased some black out curtains for my son’s room. I bought an extra panel to reupholster his desk chair and, if enough curtain material leftover,… Continue reading

Here is the before.

Here is the before.

In my on-going adventures in upholstery, I am so glad to say I moved beyond my confidence destroying apron and on to destruction…well really more like out with the old fabric. This was a perfect way to vent frustration. The whole process of removing the old fabric (I hate staples right now) took about 12 hours… Continue reading

My yard sale finds have definitely seen better days

My yard sale finds have definitely seen better days

So I have these two awesome yard sale find chairs. They are gross by useable standards but the bones are amazing! One is a tufted curved back and the other is a traditional wingback. Total price for both chairs – $12. Great price but only if I could reupholster them.

I… Continue reading

Simple secret weapon of bleach cleared all the stains. now I just have the chips to deal with. More to come.

Simple secret weapon of bleach cleared all the stains. now I just have the chips to deal with. More to come.

So you buy an older home. You are excited. Its your new home but its not new. There are bound to be some cosmetic fixes needed, some upgrades and frankly just some smart things to do. One of the… Continue reading

Just In Time For Super Bowl: A Football Wreath www.wifemomhouseohmy.comSo I got it into my head sometime during the middle of December that I wanted to do two things – a football wreath and a Super Bowl party. Now as the Super Bowl gets closer, I will talk more about my Super Bowl party, more specifically how to pull off a Super Bowl party on a budget. This… Continue reading

The In Between of a Room Makeover www.wifemomhouseohmy.comBack in June I was excited to share about my upcoming living room makeover. I actually shared it in three posts. The first focused on inspiration, the second on what I look at when designing a room and the third focused on making it feasible financially. Even though I had a plan, we had a several personal hiccups… Continue reading

The Annual Serar Family Christmas Party was this weekend and I finished up the last of my ornament projects just in time. And they were beautifully hung on display on my tree and my mantle for all to enjoy. My hubby even proudly showed them off, which was awesome since I had abuse my poor backside by not giving it… Continue reading

DIY Twine Snowman www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

He is probably my favorite and I love him all finished on my mantle

On one of my normal trips to one of my routine weekly stops, I spotted this adorable twine snowman all decked out and ready for Christmas. The store’s merchandiser, who happens to know me well, said, “you should make it instead of buying it.” She knows… Continue reading

So I got this brilliant idea that I wanted to make the majority of our Christmas décor this year since I figured rustic elegance as a theme would be pretty easy to accomplish. I’m starting to wonder where I get these harebrained notions – one of which was to create a burlap wreath on a wire frame for our front… Continue reading

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