Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?


Mom and IHi! I’m still here. I haven’t fallen off the earth. Promise. It’s been a bumpy last several months. My family has been through one amazing roller coaster of some major ups and downs. Just when we think we have things under control something else came up. I kind of feel like a broken record. 2016 has definitely been a year… Continue reading

Infinity-Time1You have probably noticed my absence. I’ve noticed my absence! I’ve missed my blog. I’ve missed connecting. I’ve missed sharing. But life recently has been “Hurry Up and Wait.” on so many fronts. I initially took a purposeful leave of absence so to speak to tweak a few things. I’d been toying around with some changes that I wanted to… Continue reading

Happy Halloween to Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful, safe and fun Halloween!

Happy Halloween www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

I have to brag a little about my friend, Danielle Baich. She did all the cute Halloween doggy photos this year. Aren’t they awesome! My yorkies are definitely camera hams. You have seen the photo bombs all over my blog. But she got my little… Continue reading

August 26, 2015: Women's Equality Day www.wifemomhouseohmy.comToday is Women’s Equality Day! In this day and age, gender equality is not something we really think about on a daily basis. But as my husband and I plan the expansion of our family, hoping that one of our future children is a little girl, it is definitely an important topic to me. My hope is that by the… Continue reading

When Your Microwave Dies... www.wifemomhouseohmy.comMicrowaves. They are completely common place in our everyday world. They heat up a fast meal. They make leftovers warm. Even steeping and steaming a hot beverage or two.

You want it warm, thirty seconds to a minute and you are so good. Like I said, everyday common place item. For the most part we don’t give them a second… Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July! Today is our beloved country’s 239th birthday!

Thank You for the Liberty and Freedom! Happy Fourth of July! Www.wifemomhouseohmy.comI am so proud and constantly awestruck that this experiment in democracy is still going strong. Its had its rough spots, including its conception based in paranoia of rule by one, some not so pretty moments, manifest destiny in the West and the imprisonment of Alice Paul, and… Continue reading

A Little Inspiration Handling the Insane While Staying SaneI know many people can say the same but it seems for the last year and half my life has been busy, unreal busy and drama filled. Just to give you a peek into my little drama filled busy world in a three week period I have had three immediate family members – husband, stepson, mom – go through four… Continue reading

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