Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?


Wedding Planning on a Budget www.wifemomhouseohmy.comAs I have said before, I have been with Mary Kay for almost 14 years. Over that time, I have had the fun and exciting time of working with brides as they plan their big days but only in the small detail of their make-up. I have also attended many bridal shows as a vendor over those years but it… Continue reading

I must admit having been super busy with my husband’s surprise 80s prom theme birthday party (post to follow), a bridal show at which I was a vendor and my son’s busy basketball schedule has left me itching to get back to my New Year, New You series. I really hope you have enjoyed post 1 on hair and post… Continue reading

Okay so after almost 14 years with Mary Kay I have discovered that while no two consultants are alike, they do share some common traits. Some of which are they either love make-up and skin care, they love girlie stuff, and/or they love helping people. I happen to be all three! From as young as four years old, I can… Continue reading

I have mentioned I have been a independent representative with Mary Kay for almost 14 years before. During that 14 years, the importance of image and the impact it can have negatively or positively in our lives really became relevant over those 14 years. One remark by National Sales Director Gloria Mayfield Banks has stuck with me since I began.… Continue reading

So my interesting year continues. I spent this weekend fighting a nasty bug, which knocked my on my kisser enough that it postponed a series I am really excited about. New Year New You!

I look forward to every new year for many reasons but one is definitely the excitement of creating small tweaks that lead to BIG impact. If… Continue reading

“Patience is a virtue.”

So I don’t ever like giving excuses but over the last several days its has felt like 2014 has been setting me up for what I can only feel will be an interesting year. Only 14 days in to this new year and I feel like saying…”Oh BOY what else is in store for me!?” And… Continue reading

So most years we get at least 50 awesome Christmas cards. I have tried saving them in the past and since it was not until recently that almost every card is a photo card, at bare minimum I would save the photo cards. However, I would say that this year a good 90% of the cards were photo cards and… Continue reading

At Church today the pastor joked slightly about New Year’s Resolutions. It is that time of year. He started by saying that “For those of you who are health nuts, you might have a bit of a wait at the treadmill starting January 1. However, it will only last six weeks and things will go back to normal.”

His joke… Continue reading

I don’t know about you but I love this time of year and all the wonderful traditions that families have. However, if you are in my situation, a new “family”, whether that be a blended family or a newly wed couple on their own or have a grandparent or parent moving in, family traditions may be an interesting situation.

Throughout… Continue reading

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