Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?


Needless to say I LOVE Christmas and one of my favorite things is finding new ways to surprise people with gifts or a clever way to gift them. One of my favorites was the year I enlisted the help of a friend of both my mother’s and mine to hide a huge standing jewelry box in her garage, sneaking it… Continue reading

Staying Stress Free While Christmas Shopping

Staying Stress Free While Christmas Shopping

A couple of things that amaze me every single Christmas are the amount of people that wait to the last minute to do their Christmas shopping and are surprised when they can’t find what they are looking for AND the craziness that occurs at Black Friday sales. Over the years I have perfected… Continue reading

December 1st officially marks 25 days till Christmas. I don’t know about you but that’s a countdown I look forward to when it comes to traditions and family activities. One of my favorite was from when I was a kid. We didn’t do it every year but the years we did I really enjoyed it. Perhaps because there was candy… Continue reading

After many years of running my Mary Kay business and feeling completely worn out by the end of the Christmas season, I got fed up. When you run a retail business, trying to manage your own time and personal obligations becomes quite challenging and eventually becomes the horrible feeling of obligation. That is the last thing that I ever wanted… Continue reading

I was going to write today on our entertainment cabinet for our family room as a part of my series on Family Room Redo and I will next post. But something occurred this evening that had me in silent stitches and I felt compelled to share.

First to prefaces my story, I should share that my son made the… Continue reading

Most of you  I know are probably not in your 50s and most definitely not older than 50 BUT I bet you have a mom, mother in law or aunt that you wished dressed a little more with it, especially when you are out together. This is for them.

Fifty is not a dirty four letter word (in fact… Continue reading

Fabulous Forties…or at least that is what they should be! You have every right to look and feel fabulous! The last thing that you want to be is caught between teen and old lady in look and style. And there is no reason to be. Just because you are 40 doesn’t mean you are over the hill when it comes… Continue reading

Transitioning in to our thirties can be difficult. I have found that 16, 18, 21, 30 and 50 appear to be the most “dramatic” times in our lives as women. They, for many, mark major transitions in our lives and while 16, 18 and 21 are marked with exciting new endeavors, 30 and 50, are often marred with negative connotations.… Continue reading

So there are two core principles to remember when it comes to dressing your age: 1. Learn the Rules and 2. Know When and How to Break Them.

Think about it – a woman in her 20s doesn’t want to look matronly and a woman in her 40s shouldn’t look like she raided the closet of a teen. Frankly at… Continue reading

When it comes to the difference between a frumpy mommy and a Hot Momma, there are six general rules I think every woman should know. Each of these can be a whole series of blogs but for now let’s stick to general and over the next couple of blogs we will explore several from the perspective of dressing your age.… Continue reading

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