Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?


Holidays Preparedness www.wifemomhouseohmy.comI love, capital L-O-V-E, love this time of year. It warms my heart and starts the celebration of family season. In North Carolina, the leaves would have already started to turn, the State Fair would not be far off and bundling up started to become a must. I’m actually jealous of my husband’s fishing tournament today up in our So… Continue reading

I know there are tons of pretty magnets out there but I wanted to make my own and use supplies I already had. Besides, what’s the point of having a metal note board (see post on Note Board Installation) if you can’t or don’t have magnets for it. I wanted something simple, easy to do and fit my décor.… Continue reading

Project Organization: Junk Drawer No More www.wifemomhouseohmy.comSo this project organization came a little early and out of frustration. My junk drawer was driving me nuts. Between my husband’s constant gripes about not having what he wanted in there or even down stairs and my inability to find what I was looking for in the junk drawer, I was done! I knew what I wanted to do… Continue reading

Notice the categories on the right, subcategories in the middle and file names on the left.

Notice the categories on the right, subcategories in the middle and file names on the left.

If you have been following my little project organization series, then you know the last two posts have been dedicated to filing and creating more organized and efficient filing systems. I’ve looked at purging your current files and then looked at developing systems… Continue reading

PRoject Organization: Systems to Make Filing Effective www.wifemomhouseohmy.comIf you have been following along with my ongoing series Project Organization, you know that I have been tackling my filing gone crazy…crazy full. I have been purging, which you can find tips on how to purge your own files in my post here. But what do you do if your purging means you just go back to… Continue reading

Project Organization: Purging of the FilesAlmost sounds like a bad B movie from the 50s…and it definitely is a horror show of paper…all those dead trees. In our family, we have my husband who works at a traditional 9-5 job, is divorced prior, and his records, me who has two businesses, Mary Kay and this amazing blog, previous traditional employment, tons of medical records (ugh!),… Continue reading

Bug Me ListSo my “Bug Me List” has become even more pressing to get many of the items complete. My mother is in the process of selling her home and the funny market of California means that her house may very likely sell before she finds a new one to purchase. So returning the kindness and love she showed us in letting… Continue reading

So most years we get at least 50 awesome Christmas cards. I have tried saving them in the past and since it was not until recently that almost every card is a photo card, at bare minimum I would save the photo cards. However, I would say that this year a good 90% of the cards were photo cards and… Continue reading

At Church today the pastor joked slightly about New Year’s Resolutions. It is that time of year. He started by saying that “For those of you who are health nuts, you might have a bit of a wait at the treadmill starting January 1. However, it will only last six weeks and things will go back to normal.”

His joke… Continue reading

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