Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Teenage Boys

Teen-girl-car-hopMy son is 16 years old and like many teens his age, especially boys, he is chomping at the bit for the opportunity to drive and have his own car! And while I think, for a wide variety of reasons, most teens are not fully prepared for the freedom AND responsibility of owning and maintaining a car (future post to… Continue reading

I was going to write today on our entertainment cabinet for our family room as a part of my series on Family Room Redo and I will next post. But something occurred this evening that had me in silent stitches and I felt compelled to share.

First to prefaces my story, I should share that my son made the… Continue reading

I must be honest and say that I hate chores…mopping, cleaning bathrooms and toilets, vacuuming, dusting, and I can’t stand windows or doing dishes. I love having a clean house and if I know my efforts will be fruitful, I can put up with the chores. That said, I am not a fan or in favor of cleaning up or… Continue reading

So I am going to interrupt my series on fashion for a small drama in the continuing saga of living with a teenage boy. Please let me warn readers now that there will be graphic content that may be disturbing to your stomach.

I have by now become quite aware of the forgetful power of the teenage boy brain. I… Continue reading

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